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Why Classic Black for Your Groom by BespokeDaily Blog

Why Classic Black for Your Groom?

While you are the groom of the wedding, you know that naturally, every person in the room or hall, or the garden would be looking at you during the whole occasion. So for that purpose, you would want to look your best while showing your style as being dope. But this could be a bit tricky because you might not have an idea about what to wear, or what should your groomsmen wear. There is no need to worry about it because our guide would be quite helpful to you when you are about to order your suit or tuxedo in which you would look picture-perfect. 

You want to have a dapper look for your wedding, nothing could beat the option of black. It is not something to fuss about whether it would look like you are going to a funeral or maybe you are going with an old fashion because black is back in business now. Some of the tips that would help you are as follows. 

Why Black is Timeless 

As it comes off to be classy, it is also traditional. You could with any colour palette along with it which makes it so easy to wear black because, at the end of the day, it goes with literally anything. When you would wear it, it would have the elements of versatility, timelessness and an all-season look with which you could wear those simple and dazzling accessories to uplift the look. With all of this, nothing is better than a black tuxedo for sure. 

Suit or Tux?

You would initially consider which would look better on you; a suit or a tuxedo? A suit would probably give in that going to work look but when you would go for the tuxedo, you would feel like Tom Cruise in some spy movie. But whatever it is, both of these are undeniable and you would look your best in them. 

With a Suit

Why Classic Black for Your Groom by BespokeDaily Blog

  • A tie or a bowtie could go well with a suit. 
  • Those loafers or lace-ups are great for black attire. 
  • You can have a pocket square, the cufflinks and the tie bar in your accessories. 
  • For the date nights and wedding, suits are the compatible option. 

With a Tuxedo

Why Classic Black for Your Groom by BespokeDaily Blog

  • While wearing a tuxedo, there would be lapels, buttons and the stripe down the pant leg in satin.  
  • There are a cummerbunds suspenders, a vest and a bowtie in its accessories. 
  • Naturally, those black patent leather shoes look great. 
  • You would want to wear a tuxedo to the Opera, a black-tie wedding or even a charity ball. 
  • During the wedding party, the suits and tuxedos could be mixed and matched. 
  • You can easily dress up much for al than your groomsmen through it. 

Coordinate with Your Groomsmen & Bridal Party 

It is most natural that the groomsmen wear their attires which are pretty much close to the attire of the groom. They would wear suits or tuxedos as well. All that needs to be done is that the colours are supposed to coordinate with the bridesmaid and the significant other. Like if the colour of the flowers is peach, then the groomsmen would wear a peach coloured flower on their lapel or have a peach coloured pocket square to it. 

While you would want to go with the tuxedos, you would want to look classy with a black tie along with a white pocket to it so there is not much to worry about matching the colour to something. Although you would need to focus on the style because tuxedos are for the formal events which should go along the events with the bridesmaids’ dresses. 

Rental Suits & Rental Tuxedos 

It is just not about styling, but comfortability as well. The fit of the suit or the tuxedo should be relaxing. Sometimes renting could be a great idea considering the styles and your groomsmen would not worry about it too much as well. You can save your money by renting from our company which offers different varieties like a la carte, making the shirt, those shoes and accessories are optional, in other words, you would rent what you would need. 

Online Suit Rental 

We provide the attire on time which is according to your fitting, that too in the first time. You need to give in your measurements online and you would have everything to your precision. Just go and design your look while finding your fit. Then you would need to go along with your groomsmen to have an idea how would you all look together. You can even get the option of Home Tty-On of the suit or tuxedo and ship it back for free. 

Generation Tux Offers 

  • We have about 21 styled of the suits and tuxedos in thousands of colour combinations. We assure you that choosing out of them would be the perfect look for your event. 
  • We have them in the luxury quality which is quite modern and slim and has a range in sizing as well. 
  • The delivery would take about 14 days before the event date. It would arrive right at your doorstep. We offer the grooms and groomsmen renting for free. 

You can check anywhere and know that we are the 5-star review holders and we like to make out customers happy on their event day and try that they do not have much stress in all of this. So make your day big and great with us! 



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