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Ideas & Inspiration for Groom’s Suit

Ideas & Inspiration for Groom’s Suit

Ideas & Inspiration for Groom’s Suit

The selection of the groom’s suit remains the primary quest to be conquered. We are here for you to guide for the proper attire selection for your wedding.

In case, the tuxedo is out of the question for you, then you can always look for a good suit. You have to be careful regarding suit selection because it should be worn on the big event of your life. We have piled information for your big day, and we will guide you through the seasons, colors and themes for your perfect suit.

Grey Tones for Groom’s Suit

Grey color is a timeless classic. It can be worn in any of the four seasons and through day and evening weddings. So, if you have selected it, then you don’t have to worry about anything. On the contrary, grey colors need to be highlighted with accessories because it has a simple touch to it. So if you are selecting this color, make sure you play with colors for the selection of your accessories.

Lighter Tone of Grey

The lighter tone can be worn in summer and spring, and it goes well with day weddings. However, this color doesn’t represent a formal look, and if you are looking for that, then don’t go for a light grey color.

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Medium Tone of Grey

This color mostly goes well in the fall season. This color is for a casual wedding ceremony, and it also should not be worn in a formal setting. The best part of wearing this color is that it gives you multiple options to stylize your attire with the neckwear.

Charcoal Tone

This is our personal favorite color, and we recommend you to wear it in the fall and winter seasons. This dark color has got you covered for a formal setting and evening functions.

It is worth mentioning that the lighter tones fall under the causal category, and the darker tones fall under the formal one. So, you can easily decide the suit color as per the wedding theme. Also, you can always add or diminish accessories to create a more formal look.

Blue Tones for Groom’s Suit

The beauty of this blue tone is that it matches well with many colorful accessories. So choosing this color for your wedding suit will give you lots of options in the accessories area to explore.

Blue Tone

This tone is rather casual, and if you want to opt for formal attire, then you should skip this one. It will look best in the spring and summer seasons. Also, it can be worn in the fall too, but for the daytime event.

Navy Tone

Ideas & Inspiration for Groom’s Suit

If you have selected summer or fall evening time for your wedding, then the navy color suit will be the best choice. However, darker tones give a winter touch and can be chosen without any hesitation. In the case of a winter wedding, you have to wear this suit in the day time. This color can be matched with light, and dark color accessories

Black Tone

Ideas & Inspiration for Groom’s Suit

Black color always make you look distinguished. There is not much of a difference between a suit and a tuxedo. However, you can go like Will Smith in Men in Black, when he was wearing black suit and tie, and white dress shirt. This suit goes well for evening and winter weddings.

Tan Tones for Groom’s Suit

This color has its own vibe, and it goes well with causal themes. However, for outdoor themes, these suits can elevate your look. You can wear this suit, particularly on the beaches because it will make you aligned with the environment. In addition to that, you can wear these suits on destination weddings like mountains or rustic barns.

Wedding in Springs & Summers

While we have already mentioned the color of the suits you should go for in spring and summer season, there are other colors to consider for spring and summer season. The weddings are rather exclusive, and the color selection of suits needs extra consideration. You have to keep in mind that the color code for spring and summer seasons usually ranges in light or bright tones. However, we would further like to guide you that which color to wear and why you should wear it.

With blue color, you can add a bold touch of accessories and wear a white dress shirt. On the other hand, light grey color can go well with any color you want. If your wedding has a pink theme, then you should go with a pink tie. When it comes to tan color, you can always carry it well through a stylish pocket square and it could be matching with the bride’s dress too.

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Weddings in Fall & Winter

It’s a rule of the thumb that in winters, you have to wear darker tones. On the other hand, fall seasons has its own uncertainty because you can’t be sure about the temperature. Firstly, we would suggest you get an update of the weather before your wedding, so you don’t have to face different weather.

For the winter season, the first suit on our list is of grey color. You can pair it with a white dress shirt, and black shoes, and you are good to go. The specialty of navy blue color suits is that it could be chosen over a black tuxedo. With the black suit, you can always make a texture combination by wearing linen or wool ties. If you wear a black buttoned-up suit, then black accessories will go quite well.

While you might think renting suits is not a good idea, but we provide you Italian merino wool as a fabric and modern fitting, then people even buy our rented suits from us. We hope to see you soon!

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