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Guide to Changing Your Wedding Timeline Due to COVID-19 by BespokeDaily Blog

Guide to Changing Your Wedding Timeline Due to COVID-19

You do not need to be much worried if you had to change your wedding plans because of the COVID-19, because every couple in this timeline had to. A survey found out that about 66 percent of the couples in 8 countries had to reschedule their wedding by postponing them due to the current situation. Bh this, it would change your wedding to some extent as you would change you while event because of it. 

If Your Wedding Date Was Scheduled In September or October

You can still manage an outdoor wedding because to weather would still be pretty much wild in your region, but you need to follow the social distancing rules so that you can ensure the safety to your guests. But if you both wanted to go for a large with a wedding for quite a several people, you would need to cut your guest list short sadly. 

But do not worry, consider it that new trendy micro-wedding having all those traditions in it that you want for your wedding including the ceremony and the reception, but only the number of people would be shortened down as no more than 50 guests on your wedding. By this, you would not be cancelling on anything, and you would not need to reschedule with your vendors at all. By this, you would have your dreamy wedding with your close and loved ones only. Great, isn’t it?

Guide to Changing Your Wedding Timeline Due to COVID-19 by BespokeDaily Blog

Timeline To-Dos: 

  • You need to finalise your attire. 
  • The confirmation with the vendors is essential. 
  • Thos social distancing rules are needed to be followed which is wearing the masks as well. 
  • If any changes have been made, do not forget to notify your guests about it. 
  • If there are restrictions over travelling, you would want to change the travel arrangements of your honeymoon then. 

If You Were Getting Married In November or December 

Many regions and areas have been affected due to the second wave of the COVID-19 in the early winter along with the unpredictability of the weather as well. For this, you might want to consider about your vows and reschedule them in the early next year. If not that, you can elope as well for the time being and then you can host a great wedding ceremony for your friends and family. Even for that intimate elopement, do not forget to get yourself a suit or tuxedo and then party great in 2021! 

As you would be moving your dates next year, it would be better to talk to your vendors immediately. Just like you, there would be other couples in the same line as well for which you would want to stay flexible for it. It could be any day and at any time. 

Just like the vendors, make sure you let your guests know about the changing of the dates so that they can change their travel arrangements as well and could plan accordingly to your wedding date in the future. It would be better to email them first about the idea, later on, you can tell about the new date set and make it a more formal announcement afterwards. 

Timeline To-Dos:

  • Make sure to reschedule with your vendors. 
  • It would be best to call in your stationery designer as soon as possible so that the wedding date could be changed. 
  • You need to make the changes and confirm them in writing for avoiding troubles in the future. 
  • Go for your suit and dress colours along with the décor with the season your wedding is supposed to take place in. 
  • Those “Change the Date” cards are supposed to be sent to the while guest list. 
  • You need to rebook the hotels for your guests.  
  • The wedding website should be updated with the new information. 
  • For the bridal, you would need to talk with the salons again and rebook your appointments for the changes. 
  • Once the date has been set, the grooms can have that try-one at home. 
  • Do not forget to change those travel arrangements set for the honeymoon. 
  • While enjoying each moment, make sure to put in some extra time for the final touches of your wedding day. 


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