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A Guide to Try a Suit or a Tuxedo by BespokeDailyShop

A Guide to Try a Suit or a Tuxedo

You need to know beforehand, that trying out a suit without having prior experience of buying one can become a tough job. The suit and tuxedo are nothing if they don’t properly fit you. So we have gathered around some tips for the perfect fit to save your time. 

First Step: Dress Shirt & Dress Shoes

While trying on a suit, your prime concern should be how your dress shirt will fit when you wear the tuxedo. First, you should make sure that it has a perfect fitting under the suit. Also, you should wear dress shoes to check if the length of the pants is appropriate.

Get your Shirt Right

Neck of the Shirt

When you wear your dress shirt, you should put one or two fingers between your neck and collar to see if there is a space between them. If they fit perfectly, then this is the size for you.

Body of the Shirt

You should find a balance in the selection of the dress shirt. The buttons should not be stretched in front of the dress shirt because that represents that it is tight. Also, make sure that the fabric on the waistline should not come out of your pants because that doesn’t look classic.

Sleeves of the Shirt

The perfect length of the sleeves ends at your wrist. It should cover the wrist bone above each hand. Whenever you get your sleeves measured, keep your arms straight for the perfect size.

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Get your Pants Right

Unlike casual jeans, suit pants have different fitting criteria because they are not stretchable. The dress pants are bound to be slightly higher on the waist, and they should be comfortable.

When it comes to holding the pants, the belt goes well with suits only, and suspenders go well with both tuxedos and suits. Also, belts don’t go well with a tuxedo, so you need to get your size adjusted in that case. 

Length of the Pants

A Guide to Try a Suit or a Tuxedo By BespokeDailyShop Blog

There should not be many folds in your pants in the area of shoes because that means the pants are slightly long for you. The rule of the thumb is that the dress pant should touch your shoes. The pants higher than the shoe length also look awkward.

You should only fasten one button of your suit

Get your Jacket Right

You should only fasten one button of your suit and tuxedo. Some suits have two buttons, and in that case, you should only close the top one. 

Chest of the Jacket

A Guide to Try a Suit or a Tuxedo By BespokeDailyShop Blog

Firstly, the lapels should lie flat. Secondly, the jacket should contour your body to make sure that the size is not big. Thirdly, the jacket buttons should fasten easily and should not billow out.

The shoulders should end at your natural shoulder’s length. If they are coming down a little, then the chest of the jacket is slightly big.

Length of the Jacket

How to Measure a Suit or a Tuxedo By BespokeDailyShop Blog

Although the jackets come in various lengths, it is important to find your perfect fit. The normal fitting length ends at the middle of the seat. If the jacket is passing the seat, then it’s long. If it’s below the seat, then it is too short. 

Sleeves of the Jacket

A Guide to Try a Suit or a Tuxedo By BespokeDailyShop Blog

As we have already told you that your wrist is the key to the length of your sleeves. Numerically, your shirt’s cuff should be ¼” and ½” out from the jacket to give you that dapper look.

Ask for Opinion

A Guide to Try a Suit or a Tuxedo by BespokeDailyShop Blog

Although most of the time, we can figure out things on our own, sometimes we need a fresh perspective from another person. Therefore, never let the mirror do the whole talking for you and ask someone that does this size looks good on you. 

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Doesn’t fit? Replace it.

As we have mentioned, the right fit makes the suit worth it. If the suit doesn’t fit you, don’t worry because we will replace it for you immediately. You can order a replacement by clicking below.

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