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Stylish Wedding Suits Perfect for Dad

Now, if you want to look for the best attire that your dad could wear on your wedding day, then you may want to consider checking out these suits that are perfect for everyone. 

As there are loads and loads of options out in the market related to what suits your dad should wear on your wedding day, then it is best to keep this rule of the thumb in your mind. Your dad doesn’t need to look like he is about to go to the office because that is what he is doing wrong. On the other hand, it would be something unique that your dad looks extra polished for your big day.

If you want our advice, then we would like to tell you that all of this depends on what is the venue and formality of your wedding. So, your dad could swing along according to the event. Like if it is a formal wedding, then he would obviously go for a traditional black tux. If it is a casual or semiformal wedding, then he may want to experiment more. Because then the options are limitless. Mixing up those light seersucker suit and linen suits with solid colors like navy and grey would give a great look at your dad. If he is someone who has a rather cool personality, then you may want to experiment with some bolder accessories. We recommend you printed-square pocket and a tie that would make it look less formal. Those lace-ups and oxfords would just give a subtle look to his attire, specifically after the polishing element. 

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The following are the suits recommended for the father of the bride.

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  1. Sharp Tailoring: Those formal weddings are always about tuxedos. You pick for him a bold peak lapels along with a sharp satin trim. It will make him look much extra than usual. You can buy a GentWith black tuxedo from us. 
  2. Cool Blue: Fathers can keep the look on the wedding day as well. They could look edgy as well. For the safer bet on this, that dark blue semiformal fashion-forward tux would be a great pick as it is never over the top. From Jcrew.com, you can get a J.Crew Ludlow tuxedo in the Italian wool in $525. 
  3. Retro Polish: The vintage-inspired crisp cotton wool suit, yet a traditional pick is always worth wearing at the wedding. In $249, one can get a Black Tux or grey suit
  4. Tonal Texture: As being structured on wool with some subtle plaid print, has always acted as a classic at the wedding. If one decides to add in the unique look by including the tonal patterns and not make it look too bold, then it could work perfectly on any wedding Brooks Brothers.com us offering a Brooks Brothers Fitzgerald Fit BrooksCool plaid suit is $698. 
  5. Summery Separates: Due to the warm weather, there are a variety of options present in linen suits. The father of the bride could choose to wear a full button-up look or either mix and match it with the casual pieces considering it to be a more normal event. That Clavin Klein tan linen suit coat from MensWear house.com is for $350 and GentWith.com Collection.
  6. Structured Slate: To add in more micro-check pattern details, you can build up more of the suit or tux with an understated slate blue. That BR Monogram navy wool silk linen suit jacket from the Banana Republic and their website are only for $450. 
  7. Casual Luxe: All you need to do is go for a simpler of a cotton twill suit along with the lapels that are narrowed down as well as a shorter jacket for the sake of the aesthetics. The plus point is that it could be easily worn in warm weather because it is a light weighted fabric that makes it easy for the body to breathe. The Ralph Lauren Morgan cotton suit from RalphLauren.com i.e. for $895. 
  8. Slim Fit Satin: If you like satin. You can choose from GentWith suits and tuxedos from $199 to $599.

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But if you are willing to look for more options for the bride’s or groom’s father, then you may want to visit here

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