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What Men Should Wear to Weddings as a Guest by BespokeDaily Blog

What Men Should Wear to Weddings as a Guest

When it comes to dressing as a guest, it tends to get hard for men quite a lot. It could be seen that women do not need to hustle a lot for what to wear at the wedding, and men do their best by wearing those simple suits. Up till now, the category of suits has evolved a lot with the passage of time due to which you would always find the right outfit for the upcoming wedding. 

You still may what to consider about restraining yourself from overdressing or out-dressing the bride and grooms of the day. But you still want to make your own statement of the day, so what should you do for it is the real question. For this, we have established a guide for you which is as below. 

The Occasion

You need to know about the theme in order to wear your outfit according to the wedding. If it would be a beach, summer, a church, a destination or even a small intimate wedding, all of these would have their dress code according to it. Considering the fact that you would want to wear something apart from a full suit on hot climate and beach weddings for sure, hence you would opt the option of linen or brushed cotton which are lightweight themselves. 

When you find out about the dress code in advance, it would make sure you do not dress up as a clown for the wedding because obviously, there would be nothing worse than that. You would need to consider about your look for the day in your suit which should be simple and decent and create your look on the basis of this. So pick the right suit for it. 

White Tie

These types of weddings are considered to be super fancy and extremely formal in their dress codes. You would wear tuxedos with tails having a white waistcoat underneath it. This look would rock and roll with a bowtie, black shoes and sometimes having some white gloves on. 

Black Tie 

These are the after 5 pm weddings and a bit lower notch in formality and fanciness in their dress codes. You would still need to wear a black tuxedo with black leather shoes and a bowtie in it. While in summer, you still might need a white dinner jacket. When it specifies the dress code being formal, you would want to go for a tuxedo or some dark suit and tie do it? 

Cocktail Attire 

The in-between of a black-tie formality and step up business suit is cocktail attire. It could be dark, navy or charcoal in colour and a tie. Your broken suit still may act as chic. Try to stay away from jeans in these suits. 

Morning Suit 

It would look like a traditional or royal wedding dress code as it is about the wedding starting before 4 pm. It would need a black or grey tailcoat, a waistcoat and the striped trousers along with a colour shirt and those black shoes. The fat could be optional in it. 

Smart Casual 

This is the flexible formal look which is why it is popular as well. You can sway with those rules and still be comfortable in it. Make sure you look classy without those rules and you do not need to panic for it. You would need to have a basic suit off with some formal short, those stylish cufflinks and the pocket squares. Wear loafers or brogues underneath it and look great for sure. 


What Men Should Wear to Weddings as a Guest by BespokeDaily Blog

It is for informal weddings. You would still not wear a t-shirt along with jeans but instead, wear chino trousers with a button-down shirt and brown shoes, or even loafers, brogues or boat shoes. 

Wedding at the Beach 

In this, comfort is your main goal as considering that sweat. Beach environment is always casual for which you would need attention to detail for the wedding. Having a beach form a wedding means wearing a summer suit with or without a tie, and the linen trousers along with it. The casual beach means you can wear a polo shirt and do not wear shorts unless given a hint for it. Hence you would roll up your trousers like shorts to help yourself not to embarrass. You may want to consider light colours for it. While in those, if allowed you can wear slides, flip flops and even be barefoot, else to be seen appropriate you want to wear loafers, sneakers and boat shoes. 

Winter/Summer Wedding

What Men Should Wear to Weddings as a Guest by BespokeDaily Blog

Both have the same outfit except for the material used in it. For winters, you may want to have something heavier like wool, tweed, flannel or corduroy. For summers you may way to go for three-piece suits or double-breasted in linen, cotton, cashmere and silk as formal colours for it. 


What Men Should Wear to Weddings as a Guest by BespokeDaily Blog

The shirt for a formal wedding is white, pale, pink, pastels and light blue in colour but add in texture, material and quality to not make it too boring. For casual weddings, you would have some colours with patterns while keeping them subtle. 


The decorative detail to cuff is because of cufflinks. There is no limit to what could be paired with white and black cufflinks. So wear them while having the opportunity to show them off. 

Pocket Square

It is a great finishing touch to the look. It all up to you how you want to work with it. You could experiment with it as it is a small piece in your attire.


You need to keep it modest and better than your work tie of you consider to wear one. A pale or paisley tie would behold with grey suits while navy suits would be remarkable with bright and bolder colours. On the other hand, casual dress codes would let you ass more colour to it with patterns and checks. 

The Take-Away 

All the host of the wedding asks you to do for them is dress nicely on their day, but not steal their limelight because it would be their big day. Do you best to cope up with the dress code by considering the location, season and time of the day. Any kind of suit with good colours would work out for you, but do not wear overly casual outfits for weddings as well. 


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