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A Style Guide for Men Wedding Shoes

A Style Guide for Men Wedding Shoes by BespokeDailyShop Blog

Shoes play a vital role in attire selection, and they also reveal a lot about a person. The selection of right shoes sometimes gets tricky and for that, we would like to guide you.

During the selection of wedding dress, we often get particular about our suit, tie and all, but you should know that shoe selection is of primary importance since they are the foundation of your dressing. You have to give time and consideration to it because it will be your best buddy during the entire event. Your wedding day is once in a lifetime event where you have to engage in so many tasks and enjoy it; therefore, a good looking pair offering comfort should be the prime focus.

Men Shoes that Goes with Suits

We recommend that if you are wearing suit, then the shoes should be decent than shiny because your shoes should not be too much for your attire. You have to explore the shoe option in the causal section, and the perfect shoes would be suede or polished leather. Also, keep in mind that when you go for the men’s classic suit colors you have to select the between black or brown. We have got you covered for all the wedding decors, timings and seasons. 

Oxford or Derbys for Suits?

When you select other colors like charcoal or navy for suits then it means the wedding has a traditional theme. In that case, we would suggest you that you should go with leather shoes of oxfords or derbys style. It’s a good opportunity for you because you can select the color of the shoes this time as per your taste. However, if you are still confused about the color then you can consider the timings, place and weather of the wedding for the shoe selection. If the wedding is in spring, summer, daytime or outdoor, then brown shoes are a perfect choice. On the contrary, if the wedding is in fall or winter, evening or indoor, then black shoes are a perfect choice. 

Suede or Wood Sole for Suits?

For suede shoes, you have to keep into account the theme of the wedding. If you face a rustic or boho wedding theme, then the perfect material for shoes will be suede. These shoes fall in the category of causal and brown suede can elevate your personality to another level.

Let’s say that suede shoes do not add extra texture, still, you don’t have to worry about the selection of shoes. We will recommend you wood sole or brogues to add extra texture to your suit. 

Men Shoes that Goes with Tuxedo

Tuxedos come under the category of casual wear, so the only color that goes well with them is black. However, even in the black color option you have different styles of shoes. Don’t worry about the limited option of black color, we still have a plenty of options to guide your way through the most appropriate shoes.

Patent Leather Loafers

One can never go wrong with the whole classic look. When you are wearing a black tuxedo, then patent leather is hands down the classiest option you can opt for. It doesn’t matter what the groom’s side of the family is wearing, if you wear patent cap shoes you are bound to highlight from the crowd.


If you don’t want to go for a patent leather look and you want to keep it comfortable then you can certainly go for a slip-on. We highly suggest that this style will look formal so they can complement your look with the tuxedo. 

While the velvety look of the shoes ensures texture, these shoes can be best worn in winter or fall weather. These shoes are particularly the best choice, if you are hoping for the patent leather shine but don’t want to go for loafers. Plus, if you receive it in a grosgrain toe box then it’s like a cherry on top.

Overall, we have covered all the possible options and even given you further possibilities for shoes selection. Remember the shoes speak vividly of your personality and style, so we wish you the best of luck for this particular endeavor. 

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