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These 2021 Wedding Trends Are The Bright Spot We All Need by BespokeDaily Blog

These 2021 Wedding Trends Are The Bright Spot We All Need

Even though if you would have a small list of guests, you still need to dream big and have great plans for your wedding in 2021. It is all about making your statement at your wedding. 

As tough as this year has been on all of us, we all tend to look on the brighter side coming years. Your wedding may be rescheduled because of the pandemic, or you might have been planning on your wedding that may take place in 2021, you would need to look out for the huge changes the relatable industry has faced and to keep your guests safe as a priority. The basic headline for your wedding in 2021 would be like going big even being smaller in size. That extra care about the guest list would need to keep in mind. There would be bolder colors, with bugger flower arrangements having different entertainment ways along with that luxe food and beverages. 

When the amount of people is less, the money is usually and mostly used in the aesthetics of weddings. Those Pinterest ideas would become reality for sure. The trend predictions for the weddings taking place in 2021 would be oversized florals having lightening installments in them, whereas the stationery would be customized personally having interactive culinary events in them. 

Recently, the couples have been adding more guests to the list by using technology. It means that even though the wedding would be small, the couples would be able to have plenty of celebration and shift their weddings. There has been a live-streaming element in weddings lately and now with the feature of ”watch parties,” you may do it more easily. People are planning to hire professionals to observe and shoot the live stream. Couples have been creating private groups and websites where the guests are supposed to interact with each other before, during, and after the celebration. Those sway boxes to watch parties are being shipped before time as well.

Weddings are moving beyond the weekend 

As a recent situation, weekday weddings are just started to be a normal norm in our society. People are able to save loads of money while setting dates on the none-peaky data of the weekend. There would be an obvious reduction in prices if Monday would be chosen instead of Saturday. 

These 2021 Wedding Trends Are The Bright Spot We All Need by BespokeDaily Blog

Personalized service will replace crowding 

Those lines on the bar and being clustered together, whereas asking for faults have had a slice of cake have been a key player in the weddings for lie forever. Although, the social distancing has been grained down in our culture deeply now and we see those lessening of crowd moments by being given personalized services. Those bento boxes of hors d’oeuvres or the individual charcuterie boards have been replaced with a food station along with servers for taking the drinks ordered at the table, and the handed details have been favorable to almost everyone. It surely does give that luxe feeling as well as a solid safety measure to everyone. 

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The decor will be bigger & bolder than ever 

Even small weddings can make a statement as some of the upcoming trends are all about that, specifically when it comes to ordering. The color schemes are airy, light, blues along with 60s inspired hues of chartreuse, peach, and the 90s rainbow inspires color schemes. Those dramatic ceremony backdrops with floral chandeliers would surely make an up top statement. There would be more light than before to make space look bigger and cozier while highlighting the unique decor of the wedding. 

Music & entertainment play an even more important role in 2021 weddings 

Now as dancing might be not that much fun as it used to be, couples are trying to find out ways of how to make the wedding interesting for the guests anymore. For that, a DJ or a life has been a must to play music for the whole event and also serve as an emcee for that evening. The out of the box ideas are popping in to entertain the guests while keeping them seated at their place. The live entertainment helps to create a more memorable experience that would be much more than that standard reception factor. The 360-degree photo-booth and costumed dancers with confetti cannons, the live painter, and a live band are some of the ideas. They can help to create a huge impact on the whole environment of the wedding. As a result, the guests would be much absorbed in all of this instead of those traditional norms of the wedding that took place in the past. 

These 2021 Wedding Trends Are The Bright Spot We All Need by BespokeDaily Blog

Weddings are going restaurant style

In all of those plated dinners with the live entertainment sessions, the wedding would feel like a fine dining place. The tables at the reception would be of different sizes and tables which the seating arrangement according to the guest list made. Those discussions would for sure take place before some confusion hits up. 

Giveaways are both fun and functional 

While attending a wedding in these times, masks and sanitizers are preferred and appreciated. Couples are putting in money for the customized masks and sanitizers for their guests which would be according to the wedding theme. The couples are willing to give those individual boxes to the guests instead of those communal baskets on the table. Those could be graceful welcome baskets as well.

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Couples are looking to the past to add nostalgic details 

The most emotional and heart touching trend of the 2021 wedding is where couples are adding in the nostalgia of the memories of their lives whether it is about their parents or even their own childhoods. This is having the outfit color themes from the 1960s and 1970s. Some of the couples are adding in their own childhood throwback food and beverages that are mostly Capri-Suns, Pop-Tarts; Dunkaroos, and many more. 


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