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How to Assemble Your Wedding Party by BespokeDaily Blog

How to Assemble Your Wedding Party

Right after the moment you are proposed or you propose, the next thing that you start to consider about is the wedding party. You start to consider the number of guests you would invite, who would be included in your squad of bridesmaid and groomsmen. All of this needs to be preplanned 10-12 months before the actual date of the wedding. You would want everything to be perfect specifically it is a large scale wedding, and for that, you would want a trustworthy person to rely on. Some of the tips which would be useful for you are described below. 

Deciding on the Who

Considered to be a million-dollar question for the amount of stress the bride and groom go through is that who do you pick? And in this, we would give you two suggestions as following. 


These know all of your ins and outs, better than anyone else because you grew up with them in the under the same roof, and most likely, in the same room. No one would know you better than anyone else. Even if you are not best friends but your family bond could never be finished on any basis. So before anyone, you tend to choose, consider your siblings for once. 

Best Friends 

How to Assemble Your Wedding Party by BespokeDaily Blog

From the start in our childhood, we start making friends till we are grown up adults. Some of those friends start growing up apart, and some tend to stay together for no matter what the distance they face. So when it comes about the wedding, you would choose the people who decided to stick with you through thick and thin because these are the people who know you completely along with your passions and ambitions, your likes and dislikes as well. If you have a friend since childhood, that would be great for them to be that person on your wedding day. But that is okay too if you choose a friend who you’ve known for only a few months or years. 

Dismissing Doubt 

When you choose your wedding party, you would know that it would not be something easy. But there are some things that you would not need to worry which are:

Friends Who Asked You

The wedding is all about happiness because it is the big day of your life. You are not supposed to be stuck in the formalities. Apart from responsibilities, marriages are about what you are ready to go for and whatnot. In this occasion, only those people tend to be with you who mean a lot to you and have been there, not someone you used to know for once. 

Friends with Kids 

Some people get along well in your wedding activities even if they have their kids. Instead, most of the times, they get along much better with better time management and working out with those wedding responsibilities. Just because they have a lot of things going on in their lives, does not mean that they would not be there in your happiness. Just like for their children, they would be there for you as well. If you have importance to them, they would make sure to value you and your life events. 

Other Considerations 

Many of the elements, aspects and factors add in to influence in making your decision. Some of those need to be considered which are as follows. 


The location and venue of your wedding would decide how much people you would want to call on your wedding. 


You would need to be considerate about the amount of money you would spend on your bridesmaids and groomsmen wedding party gifts of you have a bit less budget than usual. Some other expenses may include in like those dinner rehearsals for the wedding as well. 


Just because your friend would not be able to be at your wedding, does not mean that you should worry about it because having another plan as for their alternative. It may even be like downsizing the wedding party size.

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Average Party Style 

The average number of having bridesmaid and groomsmen in usual is 5 from each side but if your wedding is larger, they would go up to 12 because even number looks much better but the odd numbers would work out as well. 


All you have to do is talk about this with your significant other related to the man of honour or a lady groomsmen because weddings are not supposed to gender-biased at all. 

Gut Instincts

These tips are all about giving you a direction for the wedding preparations, but that would not mean they would help you out completely. If your gut is telling you something, go with it for sure because those are never wrong. 

We are here to make your wedding as pleasant as it could be which it should be. We would make sure that you stay calm and do not stress about it at all. So if any help needed, visit our page for more information.


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