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Wedding Shoes of Men for Suits and Tuxedos by BespokeDailyShop

Wedding Shoes of Men for Suits and Tuxedos

If you want to know about an individual personality, look at their shoes. Therefore, you have to be cautious about which shoes to wear that will go with your tuxedo and suits.  

At weddings, we put due consideration in the selection of our suit or tuxedo, neckwear and pocket square. However, the shoes get neglected. We can’t stress this enough that shoes are the foundation of your suit. Your attire will only be complete, if you are wearing a good pair of shoes. Also, for weddings, you have to keep dancing movements into account. So, you have to choose a pair which fulfills the purpose of looking good and comfortable.

The Wedding Shoes of Men for Suits

Wedding Shoes of Men for Suits and Tuxedos by BespokeDailyShop

When it comes to suits, the shoe choice should be elegant rather than showy. For a suit, you should choose shoes from the casual section of the shoe rack. Your best option for it will be polished leather or suede. Also, for classic colored wedding suits, you should go for the shoe colors like black and white.

When it comes to the traditional colors of the wedding suit like navy blue or charcoal, the option for shoes is a pair of oxfords or derbys in a smooth leather. On the other hand, which color do you go for? The color selection of shoes is more of personal preference. However, we would suggest that for daytime, outdoor, spring or summer weddings, you should wear brown. For evening, indoor, fall or winter wedding, you should wear black.

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If the wedding theme is rustic or boho, then you should opt for suede. These shoes come in the category of casual wear. The suede leather and brown color are the combinations that can add the right texture to your shoes, so your look can look intriguing. 

Instead of texture, if you want to opt for a look of a character, then you should choose brogues or a wood sole. These shoes would a unique details to your attire. You can check out our black leather wood soles shoes, their color mix and style make the shoes look like a product of the handcrafted look. Also, you can buy them in patent leather from us.

The Wedding Shoes of Men for Tuxedos

Wedding Shoes of Men for Suits and Tuxedos by BespokeDailyShop

Since you had so many options for suits, for tuxedo opposite is the case. You don’t have many options, and particularly, you can’t select brown color shoes. So, you just have black color, but there are so many styles you can choose from which will look good with the tuxedo.

For your shoes to be highlighted, then go for the patent leather option. It is forever on the go pairing with tuxedos. Also, if everyone is wearing a tuxedo and you want to stand out, then these shoes are your best buddies. The whole will be patent cap toe shoes and black tie. Honestly, we are already imagining how classic you will look.

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If you prefer something comfortable, then you can choose a loafer. Yes, you heard it right, you can wear a loafer shown in the image above, but make sure if it is formal enough.

You can wear velvet slip-on in the fall or winter wedding. While you can go for patent leather shoes, but these slip-ons will add the element of texture to your attire. Also, if you want to go for something unique, then you can opt for the pair that has a classic patent leather touch. Also, you need to know that it comes with an upscale grosgrain toe box.

How to Find Right Outfit for Every Wedding?

Imagine you have an event ahead, and you have not decided what to wear yet. These are the tough choices sometimes a person has to make. Honestly, there should be no compromise on the looks of special events like weddings. So, we are here to help you by all means because of the fine quality crafting that will leave you amazed. The best part from suit style, color, shoes, and neckwear, we have got you covered for everything. Also, we believe that before to suit selection, you should bring out your A-game through the perfect fitting. And we have mastered the technology to bring you that fit.


If you need more inspiration for the ideas of the suits and accessories of the groomsmen that will leave people in awe, then simply check out these pages. Also, we will be happy if you visit our bespoke shoes collection.

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