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To find that Perfect Size of the Suit

While the suit selection should be apt as per the time, season, and theme of the wedding. The primary step of buying a suit is to ensure that the suit is of the right size. So, first step is selection, then the tough part of your job will start i.e. to get the perfect fit.

Store Suits as Reference

While buying a suit directly from a store is a bad idea, you can go to a store and can try them on. If you don’t know your suit size, then we highly encourage this practice since it will help you give an approximation. Although asking for someone to take your measurement of the suit will seem a little awkward.

Trying on a suit will help you distinguish if the garment style best fits you or not. You should inquire regarding the fitting type of the suit i.e. if it is a slim or classic fit. The sizes of brands slightly deviate from each other, but still, you will get an idea of your suit size and if that particular one would be a proper fit.

You could try the suit with dress pants and shirts to get a glimpse of your final look. Also, it is better if you would be able to note down your measurements, so you don’t have to try this exercise again. The measurements important for the suit are the jacket chest size, jacket length, pant waist size, and, if applicable, inseam length.

Measuring Your Suit

To find that Perfect Size of the Suit by Bespokedailyshop

Taking our own suit measurements sounds intimidating. However, proprietary fit and sizing technology has advanced to be your saviors of the day for proper suit size.

Fit Technology & Proprietary Sizing

While the old methods of measurement are still valid, but sometimes the suit doesn’t fit. In fit technology and proprietary sizing, the suit stitching is done by asking general information from the customer about their particulars like body shape, height, weight, age, and shoe size. Also, the general suit fit preference is also inquired from the customers. To achieve the perfect fit through this measurement, the company has collected the data from hundreds of customers to finally standardize the measurements for the proper fitting of the suit.

It is more like an advanced measuring tape. The best part is that you can get your exact measurement right now by clicking here.

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Measurement of a Suit Using a Tape

Well, in some scenarios, you have to get the measuring tape and start to measure the suit yourself. You can get a measuring tape from here. 

Neck Measurement

For the neck, the rule is that while taking the measurement, you should check that at least one or two fingers can be easily spaced.

Shoulder Measurement

The shoulder measurement is easy. All you need to do is a well-fitted shirt and measure across the armholes.

Arm Measurement

For arm measurement, you have to be careful. You should start by the end of your shoulder and go till the wrist bone to the position where the hands start.

Chest Underarm Measurement

Place the tape on the widest area of your chest under your arms and measure it. Also, do remember to keep your chest at a normal position because if you will flex or elevate, it will ruin the measurement and suit fitting.

Chest Overarm Measurement

In this case, you have to place the measuring tape above your arms and measure all the chest 360 degrees through your arms. Also, do remember to keep your chest relaxed. 

Waist Measurement

For waist measurement, keep in mind the place where you would wear the dress pant and then adjust the measuring tape accordingly slightly above your hips. For the reference of casual pants or jeans, you should measure the waist right above the belt

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Outseam Measurement

For outseam measurement, place the measuring tape on top of your waistband and roll it down till the ground. There are two ways to get the total length. One way is to subtract 1” or 2” from the total measurement, and the other is to simply notice the point of the shoes and note it down. Also, in case you prefer to have fabric around your shoe, then you should also just minus 1” or 2” from the total measurement to get your perfect look.

Inseam Measurement

To find that Perfect Size of the Suit by Bespokedailyshop

For inseam measurement, you just have to place the measuring on the inner seam of your pant leg from the highest point to the ends of your shoes. Also, for correct measurement, you need to be wearing exact fitting pants because lose pants will impact it. Also, don’t measure till the end of your pants. 

Do remember that these sizes are not final and just raw numbers, so you don’t have to assume that if your waist size is 33”, then it actually is 33’’.

Take my Measurement

If you have taken your measurement from a brick and mortar store, then you should try and remember your measurements or note them down. Also, it is the best idea to get the measurements, and buying or renting the suits should be done from the same place to avoid fitting conflicts.

Things to Consider for the Perfect Fit

To find that Perfect Size of the Suit by BespokeDailyShop

Before going to get yourself measured for the suit, wear a dress shirt and shoes to get the perfect fitting. Bring a photo and clearly communicate your preferred fit, so you don’t end up disappointed at your final look. Also, do listen to what the pros tell you about the fitting.

Suits by Bespoke

At Bespoke, we believe in providing impeccable quality of suits to our customers. Therefore, to cater to the flaws of the fitting we have implied advancements like data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. These technologies have helped us devise the perfect fitting of your suit. So if you want to buy a suit without tape measurement and sales associate hugging you, then you can start by approaching here. 

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