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Difference between Tuxedo and Suits – All in the Details by BespokeDailyShop.com

Difference between Tuxedo and Suits – All in the Details

To any event, a tux or a suit is the best choice to wear. When it’s all about how you actually want to look at the event, it becomes crucial to understand the difference between the two.

Both of them look pretty alike at first glance, although when observed with complete concentration, then you get to know what separates both of them from one another. Now, if a person is curious about his look at a formal event, it will get interesting when the accessories, the ties or bows, and the shoes are considered along with them. 

Mostly, people make a common mistake by assuming that suits and tuxedos are the same. Even if they are considered alike, the details of them are what make a difference between them. 

The Jacket

Difference between Tuxedo Jacket and Suits Jacket – All in the Details by BespokeDailyShop.com

Peak Lapel Jacket/Shawl Lapel Jacket

Both the tux and suit are the same. However, the difference comes in the designing of the jacket, particularly in the buttons and lapels. The most eye-catching about a tux or a suit is the notch lapel, but as the notch lapel of the suit is of the same garment as of the rest of it, the notch lapel of the tux is mostly peak lapel or a shawl collar as it is more formal to wear. 

The tuxedos are all about the accent fabric used in it. The tuxedos usually use the silk satin lapel, and when the lapel is shining on the tuxedo, it means it would have the attention of the room to it. In addition to that, the buttons are also covered in silk and the pockets also have silk satin accents. 

On the other hand, the buttons of the suit are made of simple horns and have a simple opening to the breast pocket. 

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The Pants

Difference between Tuxedo Pants and Suits Pants – All in the Details by BespokeDailyShop.com

Suit Pants/Tuxedo Pants

Similarly, just like the tuxedos, the fabric matters in the pants as well. The fabric of the whole dress of a tux matter a lot. Silk is always preferred over any other material of clothing. There is a stripe of silk satin moving down on the outseam. The waistbands of the tuxedos are made with silk that means that there are no belt loops in it. The belts are used for casual occasions, and tuxedo is not a casual dressing. 

The waist related issues can be resolved through waist adjusters that are tailored on both or either one side so that the pants could fit-in the wearer. Whereas the suit pants do have belt loops on them but do not have satin accents on them. 

The Shirt

Difference between Tuxedo Shirt and Suit Shirt – All in the Details by BespokeDailyShop.com

Suit Shirt/Tuxedo Shirt

Back in the time, men had to look onto the rules that were made mandatory for them to wear a tux so that they looked perfect. The tuxedo shirts had a wingtip collar on it as well as a pleated bib. But as living in the present era, where anything could be made pleasing to the eye with a creative mind, it is all about modifying those rules, so everyone will notice.

You cannot follow the old rules of the tux that involves collar and bib with a suit in this era. Everything else which could be the pattern or the colored shirts would go great along with the suit. In all of that, it would be a bad choice to go with a shirt with your suit. As far as for the tux, a person can go with the traditions. But to keep it modern, one could choose a shirt with the collar folded down. 

The mix and matches of classics and modern are always a win-win for everyone, specifically when it comes to tuxedos. But the lesser the contrast, the better and formal a tuxedo would look. 

In addition to that, the shirt cuffs also hold importance as they are designed for personal styling. But most importantly, the cufflinks are supposed to be well-matched with the shirt cuffs. 

The Tie

Difference between Neck Tie and Bow Tie – All in the Details by BespokeDailyShop.com

Neck Tie/Bow Tie

The traditions and mainstream elements are not always supposed to be followed. The dress code is what makes a difference between suit neckwear and a tuxedo tie. A black or sometimes white with black in bow-ties for the tux is recommended. The lesser formal means more ease with the bow-tie selection. As on the other side, colors could be included in a tie according to the event when it comes to the suit. 

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The Shoes

Difference between Tuxedo Shoes and Suits Shoes – All in the Details by BespokeDailyShop.com

Suit Shoes/Tuxedo Shoes

The game-lifter for the dresses are usually the shoes one decides to wear. One could wear anything with the tux or the suit until the person is wearing it with confidence. With shoes comes confidence. The shoe type could be loafers, oxfords, derbys, and even sneakers. 

All that matters is what material is chosen for the shoes. The patent leather shoes or even the velvet touch in the shoes in the form of loafers is what in style for the tuxedo these days. It could even mix the materials of patent leather and grosgrain ribbon or sometimes a matte leather combination. Nonetheless, when no option is left, it is always best to go with black shoes. 

No rules have been made when it comes to shoes. Patent leather shoes could be worn with a suit which is a big flex, but the polished and suede leather shoes have been the first choices related to what to wear with a suit. 

Whatever decision one takes about what to wear, it has to keep in mind about its body. The old people would know how hard it is to select a suit and has always been tricky. It just depends on what a person feels to wear on the occasion, the rest you need to wear is confidence and no one can over-do that. Also, perfect is the key which brings out the confidence in a person.


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