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Best Reception Entertainment Ideas for a COVID Wedding

You could still be able to entertain your guests even if you are having your wedding in COVID. It is all about how creatively you execute it. Weddings give the vibe of fancy dinner parties, and we are here to help you with it. People used to dance crazy on the floors. Now, they are making sure to keep the guidelines of social distancing by spending more time on their own tables. It has been a tough task for the couple as well as their closed ones to keep the guests entertained and liven up the wedding with their presence. 

If your budget would allow you, you may include different entertainment moments to make everyone feel easy and comfortable as well as delighted. The guests would feel much comfortable to be enjoying without participating in this scenario. So you need to look out for the opportunities where everyone gets a chance to stretch a leg and enjoy everything. 

It would be important to hire a DJ or band to have background music and liveliness to the wedding as it would be entertainment for sure! They would keep playing good songs for special dances according to the moments that would take place during the wedding. At the end of the day, these ideas are for your guest’s entertainment so that they could celebrate your day with you in any way possible. 

Best Reception Entertainment Ideas for a COVID Wedding by BespokeDaily Blog

Special Dances 

The couples dance or parents face could still take place, even following the social distancing guidelines. The guests would groove and watch while sitting on their seats instead of walking towards the dance floor with the dancing couple. 


When there would be fewer dances, there would be more chances for speech. The speeches are always conducted by the father of the bride, the maid of honor, and the best man. If you are having a short wedding, you can ask everyone to say a few words and delight the occasion just like that. People who would be virtually present at the wedding would also get a chance to share their feelings and thoughts in this way. And obviously, how can we miss the wedding couple in this. The wedding would be incomplete without their words for sure. 

Music Zones 

If you are arranging a huge wedding ceremony, then you would have to consider the music themes played by the DJ. You could be featuring live musicians as well. You can have a relaxing lounge for the guests, a live acoustic group performing in a coffee bar themed area. 

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Stand up Comedy 

All one wants is to laugh their hearts out with their loved ones, specifically on a hill day, like on the wedding day. A local stand-up comedian could perform in front of the guests as they eat dinner. Also, you may want to share your relationship funny stories with your guests.

Pre-Produced Videos 

Your guests who would be unable to share their love at your wedding would still be able to send their wishes and love. It would be possible when your family member or a friend would help out in creating a short for you that could be complied with, and a film could be made from it. It could be of grandparents having some words about you or your cousins performing a dance that is completely choreographed for you. 

Photo Montages 

The couple pictures individually or together could be displayed as a real highlight for the wedding. It is pretty easy to work and a great idea to come up with. Ask your DJ to play background music according to it, and display it at the wedding reception. 

Live Event Artists

If you call in an artist to paint a live picture from any time of your wedding, it would be an elegant idea. Not only would your guests be amused while the artist paints, but you would also be able to take that painting home as a wedding gift of yours. Great idea, right?


Not that it is some kid’s birthday party, but magicians have groomed their skills and could perform for the adults as well, that too at a wedding. Your guests would say wow, for sure.

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Unique Photo Booths 

Your guest’s presence could be captured in the 360-degree photo booth, and it would come off to be amazing. It would be from all the angles. This would be much safer than the standard crowd in a tiny box option as there would be no touch screen, and the pictures would be taken from a professional. You may consider skipping the communal pictures because there are more options for wedding photo booths that would help in social distancing. 

Table Games 

As the sections go on, place different games on all the tables so that your guests stay busy and happy. It could be Couple trivia, I spy, Mad line, or even some personalized crossword puzzle. You can even set up your childhood games like Connect Four, Guess Who, and Jenga. 

Best Reception Entertainment Ideas for a COVID Wedding by BespokeDaily Blog

Shoe Game

The couples would be faced back to act, and they remove their own shoes. They hold one shoe and one of their partners. After this, they would answer the question that the emcee would ask from them about their relationship, and they would raise their shoes accordingly. Like who cooks the best? 

Silent Disco

You get married outdoor in a large space, you can arrange a silent disco for your guests to the music which they would only hear. They could be spaced appropriately, wear the headphones, and listen to the tunes while rocking off silently. 


You want to have an idea for a pricey wedding, the best way to be a real show stopper would be how you close out your wedding ceremony. Hire the best professionals and set up your fireworks display at the end of an hour’s wedding. Make sure it is safe as well as legal in your area. 


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