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Planning Your Wedding Look in 60 Days or Less by BespokeDaily Blog

Planning Your Wedding Look in 60 Days or Less

As the situation of coronavirus took a toll all around the globe, the dreams of the couples have been shattered because of it as well.  They had to adjust their wedding plan all according to the guidelines and not their life-longed wishes. So in most of the cases, it meant getting married after quite a delay, but for some, the situation might be different. It means that they would get married in much shorter time which heads toward the fact of looking out on every detail, big or small and coping with the circumstances in any way. The issue of the groom with his suit or tuxedo would be the same as well because he might need to rent it for his big day. But that does not mean it got tough, the fact that due to the current situation, the online services have increased quite a lot. With that, our platform would allow you yo complete the process of your wedding without any worries, which includes the colour matching, the home try-on, the fittings along with the returns, you would not need to step out for once for all of this. But for all of this, you might start having questions, do not worry, we are here to answer them for you. 

Can I Still Rent Within 60 Days of My Event?

Why not? It is quite easy. All you need to do is create an account on our website, and along with that, enter your date of the wedding as well. In case your wedding is coming up in less than 60 days, then our Customer Experience Team would help you out in the renting process and the finalising your account creation along with the event.  

What Does Generation Tux Need From Me?

Planning Your Wedding Look in 60 Days or Less by BespokeDaily Blog

We would need your basic information including what is your height, your weight, your shirt size, your jean size and much more. The purpose of this is to then have an idea whereas the remaining information would be dealt by the advanced and innovative technology of ours so that we could give you the right size of your wedding suit or tuxedo. This process would be easy as well just like the rest of the others. 

Since It’s Last-Minute, Will You Even Have My Size In Stock? 

You do not need to worry about whether we would have your style in stock or not. It is about your big day, and we are here to provide you with your dream dress. We have all the sizes in our inventory which are always ready to be shipped out to you so that you can get them on time. 

How Can I Put Together My Entire Look Quickly?

Planning Your Wedding Look in 60 Days or Less by BespokeDaily Blog

You would need to go through the collection of the suits and tuxedos available on our website, for which you could use a laptop, a tablet and even a phone for it while staying in your comfort zone. When you would have your look settled, you could use our tool of “Build Your Look” so that you can look for the accessories and their collection along with the colour options which would look perfect with your attire. 

Can I Still Schedule a Free Home Try-On? 

As the time would be short, it would be quite possible considering about your location as well as the time and this would be arranged by the Customer Experience Team so that you have an idea about the look you are going for. You would have two full days to observe the look for the big day. 

What If I’m Not Sure About the Colour?

Planning Your Wedding Look in 60 Days or Less by BespokeDaily Blog

If you are not being sure about the shades of the suit or tuxedo you want to go for, looking at the period, we would be able to send you the colour samples so you see them in person and get an idea about it, and guess what, this service would be free of charge for you. 

When Will My Rental Arrive? 

Once you have looked your look and ordered it, we would send you your attire approximately 14 days before your wedding day in which you would be having free replacements, the pre-paid returns services which are the perks we provide to our beloved customers. 

What If It Doesn’t Fit the Way I Want?

You should not worry about this because we would speed up the replacements to your doorstep and before your event, the exchanges would not be necessary after all. 

If you want to have some ides or inspiration about the suits and tuxedos, you should go look the grooms on our website who have work our suits and tuxedos and have an idea that what would work out for you. 


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