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The Ultimate Grooms’ Guide to Dressing for Your Wedding

You would be able to visit a lot of pages on this page of us. In this article, we would be discussing the things grooms are supposed to handle in a gentlemen way for weddings. For instance, speeches for the best man, and it would be much better to initiate with the threads. The attire selection job is much harder, as it is considered for the guys as well. But you need to make sure you are comfortable and feel good on your own wedding apart from putting on your suit only. 

You need to consider the texture, color, size, and style while buying it. We would be ready to help you with all of the other factors. We would explain it to you piece by piece below. 


The Ultimate Grooms’ Guide to Dressing for Your Wedding by BespokeDailyShop Blog

The attire is something you need to have on your mind at first. As fashion changes vastly, you may want to consider the shape of the different styles. You may even want to consider whether renting or buying suits. Those extreme formal would be much better with the renting options, whereas you could buy the grey or navy suit and use it in the future as well. 



You could make yourself look different on your day while opting for separates. A blazer or jacket with contrasting pants with the stripes with complementary bold or subtle colors would look lovely. You could even choose chinos or shorts for your top half. You may want to wander over Pinterest for this and look for your favorite male celebrities for inspiration. 

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You could go with a white shirt or make a statement about your win. Try to go for different looks with your shirt. You can have ties with prints of floral or polka dots or even some stripes. Make sure it is neatly pressed, fits you well, and it is not see-through. Moreover, try to have a backup for this as well. 



You are supposed to follow some guidelines that are considering your vest according to your figure. Those three buttons jackets would be great for taller guys. There should be deeper V on the jackets of short guys so that their torso looks big. Do your research in cuts of the jackets. Have more fitted and shorter sleeves that would ankle have a bit cuff representing you as a dapper as well as a stylish guy. Keep your jacket shorts as it would make you look tall. You are supposed to have a fitted waist to have a lean look. You could even go for black lapels on suits, a sports coat with a sharp check instead of the only white suit. 



The option of pants is slim fitted walk with blazers because they look pretty flattering. Have a flat front trouser as they are modern with a slimming cut. Make sure to show your ankles. When you are trying out, bring your shoes for the length and make sure they look great together. 



The Ultimate Grooms’ Guide to Dressing for Your Wedding by BespokeDailyShop Blog

The options for ties are remarkable from silk, wool, and tweed with a bright pinstripe with a coordinating color of the shirt or with bridesmaids. Skinny and sharper ties are great for looking out modern.  


Bow ties 

They are considered to be cool now. You can put them in three ways like pre-tie, self-tie, or even a clip-on. The Butterfly style is usually seen, the Batwing has straight sides, the Club round is retro, and the Diamond Point is unusually stylish. 


They help to make the groom look suave and gentrified for the wedding. You should go for a silk scarf with a luxurious tone and classic patterns. The under the shirt style always look cool. 


In a three-piece suit or in any way, they look great in any type, anywhere. You can match a suit and can go for a contrasting fabric. It should be long enough to cover out your shirt till above the belt. A smooth fit with a tapered waist would help you have a breathing space by opening the lower button of the waistcoat. The V should be smaller so that it could be visible under the jacket. 



You would be perceived as Scottish for wearing it because of their traditions. It should sit on your waist through pleats at the back and the aprons at the front. The Sporran would hang below the waist for the decorative purpose. Best is to wear long socks with it that is called the Kilt Hose just below the k nee. The Ghille Brogues are the traditional shoes worn with it.


These are great for the informal kind of weddings as they could be carried with anything formal like suspenders or now ties for a contrasted casual look. Just make sure to look over your partner while going for these. 


The Ultimate Grooms’ Guide to Dressing for Your Wedding by BespokeDailyShop Blog

As there are not many rules for this, you could see casuals, Toms, Converse, cowboy, and Chelsea boots all around. The clothing color would help you in guiding you on whether to wear black or brown shoes under the suits. The pointy toes are modern than the chunky styles. You could even go for retro styles for a fashion-forward move. 


These are classic lapel beautification for the wedding day as it would help your coke in the spotlight. You could use flowers or succulents with feathers and foliage. Make it look fresh and wear at the last step while getting ready. 

Pocket Squares 

You need to add up a color to make them pop and finish your suit look. You can go to a pattern with your tie for contrasting with the handkerchief. You need to master it in folding it. The Presidential fold is the sixties look, puffed as colorful, and pointed to show your rich pocket square. 

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These are important in your formal dressing to show your personality or your wedding day. It could be fun or dope, even something vintage. It could be simple silver pins, brass monogrammed pair from your grandfather, or even blue lego blocks.


Grooms love to flaunt about their socks on their wedding day. Having initials personalized in bright colors which add fun to your attire. It needs to be meaningful, but do not wear white, ever. 


Wearing suspenders on your wedding day moves your look a lot more than usual. They make you look at the elegant and classy part from making you look handsome. You would sharp all day long even if you cannot find your tie, you do not feel like wearing your jacket, or you want to dance all night long. 

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