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Wedding Guest Outfit Ideas for Every Dress Code by BespokeDailyShop Blog

Wedding Guest Outfit Ideas for Every Dress Code

There is a huge importance of weddings in life, that too of the people who are close to you. When someone invites you then it means your existence matters in their lives. The important part is to be there at their wedding, and it is the best place to flex about your menswear without looking too extra about it. It does not certainly mean that you would nail the look for what you are about to wear. 

To look the best out of all the others, you should choose suit jackets that would look good with jeans, or it might be overzealously cropped skinny fit pants with a matching square pocket or tie. But there are issues with them that you do not notice, and for that reason, you must read ahead.

You are supposed to select all the basic wedding guests outfits at first. You can consider of how you would work along with those signature dishes without burning down everything. In this way, you have a safe bet whether to even wear them on a black-tie wedding in the swanky seaside hotels of Maldives. 

The Smart-Casual Wedding 

As simple as it sounds, it is the trickiest dress code one needs to figure out. You need to take care of not looking too smart and too casual for the event. So for this, it is always best to go with the smart side. You can wear tailored clothes, with no shorts and sneakers, with no vests at all. 

If you do not want to look boring, then work with a twisted shirt that has a grandad collar. You need to contrast your jacket with your pants to have the same effect as the outfit in general. If the top is light, then make sure to go dark downside. But for summer weddings, pastel shades are great, and in winter, those earthy and neutral tones fit the best. Wear loafers with their accessories according to the formality of the event. 

The Summer Wedding

Wedding Guest Outfit Ideas for Every Dress Code by BespokeDailyShop Blog

You are not supposed to wear a three-piece wool suit at a summer wedding because you would sweat pretty bad. On the other hand, there are alternatives to wear traditional tailored dresses that would make you feel cool the whole time. That is because of the color and fabric one chooses for his suit. 

You would want to get rid of your waistcoat because the two-piece suit is best for summer weddings. Plus, you could go extra by including anything in your outfit. You would offer your gratitude to your gut as you would be full of cake and beer at night. However, they choose light colors as it would help to reflect the solar heat that would make you sweat less. Also, you would look super great for the photos because of it. The colors could be beige, cream, or ecru with a white shirt and contrasting tie. Loafers with tassels while showing ankles would load your look completely. 

The Beach Wedding

You would be considered to be pretty lucky if any of your friends get married on a lavish beach. You just need to pass through the whole ceremony without sweating in it. For that, obviously dressing for a beach wedding having a temperature of more than 30 degrees would be a great task. Even considering the footwear only is hard, you can imagine the rest. 

You could wear those plush leather sandals. Those chinos would look remarkable in light colors and the jacket should be dark in color but not too much. We would you to wear brown. The Henley shirt in a light subtle shade would rock your vibe on the wedding. 

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The Winter Wedding

If the weather allows you to wear your fancy and chic wardrobe without overdoing it. It is really easy to choose attire as compared to all the other weathers. You get to wear the three-piece suit in navy and grey where the navy is considered to be versatile and could be worn in separates. 

You can wear the waistcoat in the same shade as of your jacket and pants but contrasting might look better. Oxfords and black Derby shoes would be a win-win with everything, you can try the monk strap as well by just looking after the weather as well. 

The Black-Tie Wedding

Wedding Guest Outfit Ideas for Every Dress Code by BespokeDailyShop Blog


You are more likely to get confused after getting the invitation to the black-tie wedding. You may consider what to wear still end up figuring whether it would be too much or not. It just simply means wearing a suit or tuxedo to the wedding.

Even though it is called the Black tie wedding, that does not certainly mean the only color worn would be black. It means that you could wear the midnight blue which would be suave and would not be out of the dress code. Also, it looks darker than black under the light. Wear that tux or suit that would fit you with a bowtie by completing the look with black oxford shoes. 

The Country Wedding

The countryside wedding always asks for a softer approach to tailoring. Those heavy fabric suits are great, but it gets tricky to wear it with style. You could work with those earthy tones including deep greens and rich browns, but accessorize it with some unexpected touches. 

Try to wear a denim shirt underneath with some grandad collar, instead of pocket squares along very little accessories. A brogue or a Derby would do just fine. You can slay the look with a check suit as well. 

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The City Wedding 

You can wear your official suit, and it would do great at the wedding. You need to focus on the way you dress according to the wedding. Make it different than the ones you wear for a business meeting and other formal events. 

To start with the look, you need to ditch your casual day shoes and wear some jazzy loafers, Chelsea boots, or contrasting sole brogues. You are not supposed to go colorful with your shirt, instead, wear a white or blue shirt having a point of club collar. Introduce colors in your accessories by having a preppy striped tie with some rich color pocket square. Even that lanyard is not needed.

Spring Wedding 

These weddings have breezy suits with fewer accessories, even no socks would work out. You may work with the unstructured blazer with open collars. The color palettes for suit separated may include sage greens, sky blues, tapes, or even creams. Those grandad and Cuban collar shirts do the double Windsor look. With this whole more look, suede in the footwear would go the best. Sometimes loafers and derbies look more casual even though you have a tie and a pocket square in accessories. 


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