Men’s Groom Suits and Wedding Suits Ideas by BespokeDailyShop Blog

Men’s Groom Suits and Wedding Suits Ideas

To get the best guide for what to wear while being a groom, read our article of best men wedding suits idea ahead. You both would be ready to bring forward your relationship one step ahead when your marriage proposal gets accepted. To impress her more, you would want to look remarkable for the wedding day that would be a smart move. And just like hers, it would be your big day as well for sure. 

Many different types of suits have been introduced for the grooms that somehow have turned out to complicate simple choices one has in their mind. But do not worry, you would not be the only one on this boat. When it comes to your wedding, you have to go through every little detail of your dress that should go with every aspect of your wedding. So you need to focus on what would look the best on you. So here is a little tip from us, never do you ever rent your dress for your big day! The reason is that it would have importance while looking back at it that would tell you about your relationship with your significant other. When you would wear the perfect suit, not only would it help you be confident, but also make you look the most perfect groom of the day. 

While picking your suit, you may want to keep some points in your mind about it. These include the venue of your wedding, the time of the year, and the expected temperatures. 

Types of Wedding Suits for Groom 

The suits themselves have differences that help them stand out from one another. By reading this article, you would be able to narrow down your broad thoughts and get the idea of what you might be looking for. 

Groom Suits for Formal Weddings 

Men’s Groom Suits and Wedding Suits Ideas by BespokeDailyShop

As being formal, it would surely call in for extra cloth pieces that would be a three-piece suit, a tuxedo, and a tailcoat. These three are defined as follows: 

Men Wedding Tuxedos

Men’s Groom Suits and Wedding Suits Ideas by BespokeDailyShop Blog

It is easy to look unique and a hint out in an elegant and chic navy tuxedo or suit with a bowtie. This has been the aspect of reflecting the element of looking timeless on your big day. It would be better to keep it a black-tie with some bowtie to come off as super formal. The difference between a tuxedo and a suit is that a tuxedo has a saying trim to it. This would surely be a modern look for you. The options of these include grey wedding tuxedos, and blue wedding tuxedos as well as blue velvet tuxedos. 

Three Piece Wedding Suits 

Being the three-piece, you might want to consider what would you go for, whether it be a single breast or double-breasted. The color combinations of them would be great if they would be conventional white and black. These would be quite a ravishing site to see the couple stunning with each other. Just add in a bowtie or a well-looking tie to make it seem formal enough. A navy blue wedding suit is the most common one seen. 

Wedding Tailcoat 

It is the most formal choice out of all. At the back of it is a tailcoat that first perfectly the body and makes it look cozy. It is worn with a pair of pants, a white shirt having a detachable collar, the Marcella waistcoat with a bowtie, and lastly, those patent leather shoes. These are shown when there is some elite class party or something during the movies. 

Groom Suit for Casual Weddings

Men’s Groom Suits and Wedding Suits Ideas by BespokeDailyShop Blog

This suit consists of two pieces and does not have a waistcoat, due to which it gets easy to wear it in some destination wedding or a beach wedding. Maybe you can pull it off while wearing a waistcoat only and have the jettison morning coat that would make you look easygoing while having that exquisite look. It could be a khaki green cotton suit or a navy blue/green wool suit in it. These khaki and green wedding suits have been quite trendy lately as the color is great for outdoor weddings. Single or double-breasted, it would look remarkable while being the groom on the day. 

But for Exotic and Beach Weddings 

Those Lounge suits come off to be the best ones for beach weddings. As they are light and medium in colors, they seem super easy. Just look deep while choosing the texture for it as for the hot climate, linen suits the best for the groom. These could include beige cotton suits. 

Groom Suit for City Weddings 

For the sake of the venue, these are considered to be the best weddings for the guests. It would be easy for everyone to have access to it as well as check into hotels easily. These weddings are located in those hotels or city halls. To getting married in the metropolis, you could any suit like a formal or casual one. It just depends on the location of the wedding. Those boutique hotels look good with formal grooms whereas a suit could be worn if the wedding is in a city hall. These are usually black wedding suits. 

Groom Suit for Vintage Weddings/Countryside Weddings

As common as they are, they are trendy as well. You could have the wedding anywhere, like in a vineyard, or even a garden. You just need to create a vintage look for it. While having mixed colors of dusty pink and grey combined with the wood furniture and decorations because they are pretty famous. Those tweed groom suits look fabulous with or even without the checkered pattern. These may include a beige three-piece suit, three-piece corduroy suit, a green wool suit.

Suiting Colour Ideas 

Blue Wedding Suit

The wedding suits always consider moving around from back and white. You could be playful with the hues of the colors that might be pastel or light blue ones. When the wedding is like an oceanside one, you could wear a relaxed style having a light-colored khaki or linen suit on yourself. You may want to ditch the tie as well.

All you would want to focus on your wedding day is how to look sharp and slay the day with it. So make sure the measurements are right, or you get the adjuster before the day, and before that, go for the right fabric and color because it would need to compliment your body. So make sure you consider these aspects before choosing your wedding suit. 


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