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Ultimate Guide to Wear a Tuxedo by BespokeDailyShop Blog

Ultimate Guide to Wear a Tuxedo

The challenge begins from choosing what to wear on your wedding day, and it usually the tuxedo. But why are you supposed to do next is the real question. For you being ale to strengthen your bond with your significant other in the form of the wedding actually calls in for appreciation and best wishes. We would want you to look at the best of yourself on your big day. So, you have to make a good decision about your tuxedo, and its color and texture.

Let’s focus on what to do with it. As good a tuxedo looks, it gets pretty hard to carry it as well. You would want to pull it off perfectly on your wedding day, and we would make sure that you do. 

The Occasion 

Before going for a tuxedo, you may want to look out for the occasion to wear it on. It is formal than the suit that means you and your significant other would need to plan and wear something formal together and nail the rest of the day with it. It might look like a big prom event, but that is not it. 

You may consider a black-tie event or wedding for you to be able to put on the tuxedo you chose for yourself. The point is, you may get this chance for once in your life to wear and nail it, which somehow would be a big deal for you. 

You could even go white for the tuxedo jacket and look the best among all. Or if you do not want to go for white, you may want to go for the greys and blues in it. 

The Staples 

Ultimate Guide to Wear a Tuxedo by BespokeDailyShop Blog

Your tuxedo jacket is supposed to be different than other jackets of suits, and the difference in it is always of satin. Those fancy satin lapels always come in three styles that are the notch, shawl, and peak. In those three styles, the notch and peak lapels are found on both the suits and tuxedos. But only shawl lapels are found to be on tuxedos. You can wear the notch lapels when you have no idea which style you are supposed to wear because it comes off to be simple and classic. Those peak lapels step up the game a bit by making it look more formal. They are considered to be more elegant and elongating. Whereas lastly, the shawl lapels are nostalgic and rounded and are polished out of all.

The pants of the tuxedo would surely be different. There would be a satin stripe at the sides of those tuxedo pants. Moreover, there are no belt loops as you are not supposed to wear a belt with the tuxedo pants. Although you have a pair of suspenders to give it more hold and extra support to it. 

The Bells & Whistles 

Ultimate Guide to Wear a Tuxedo by BespokeDailyShop Blog

The ratio of formality of tuxedos is twice than the suits. Now here is the detailed list of what you are supposed to do while wearing a tuxedo, so you can pull off the look. 

  • Patent Leather Shoes: All of this depends on you that what you prefer to wear. Usually, the glossy shoes go best with the tuxedos and do not go much with the suits. Whereas, the matte shoes could be used as well only if you do not feel like it. 
  • Cufflinks: This about your own personalization in the attire. You can wear cufflinks with your tuxedo’s dress shirt
  • Shirt Studs: There are little black buttons paired with the tuxedo that is added for extra polish look of your shirt. There are five of them as the second hole on top of the regular button and it starts with the second button. 
  • Bowtie: This complements well with the tuxedo as compared to the long ones, and it is of black color usually. It should not be sagging but sitting upright. 
  • Pocket Square: Not that they are some necessary, but they polish your look to another level. It is white in color most of the time. 
  • Suspenders: If you want to hold up your pants and adjust them, the option you may go for would be the suspenders and not the belt loops at all. 
  • Vest or Cummerbund: Out of these two, the cummerbunds are considered more traditional, and their pleats are worn facing upwards. They have an adjustable strap to fit and to tuck in the excess material in the inside pocket. Whereas the vests can be adjusted that gives a modern look. It helps in snugging instead of tightening. Although it should be smooth so that there could be a clean silhouette under that jacket of you.

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You need to have the right fit in which your sleeves should be on the wrist, and your jacket should show-off half an inch of your shirt cuff to it. The X-shape should not be present on the jacket, and there should be no gap at the neck. Moreover, your pants should have a natural fit under your belly button. They should not lay down on your ankle and should be half an inch above and land at the back of the shoe. 

Tuxedo Tips 

These tips include that the jacket should be unbuttoned while sitting and buttoned while standing the bottom should never be buttoned. Make sure you wear cufflinks, and the sleeve should hit at the wrist whereas if long, then go for the outermost button to close it. Our company would provide you with an extra button in case anything happens. Wear your cummerbunds and their pleats upwards. Fasten your shirt with either a cuff or button before putting on the jacket. Lastly, do not button up your vest’s bottom button. 

After this read, you should make up your mind to wear a tuxedo to your wedding because it shows classiness and elegance. Even if it is difficult to carry it well. You can even browse our tuxedos and look out for what you want for yourself and if still not convinced enough, go to the test drive with our Home try-on program so that you can decide.



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