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How to Decide the Number of Groomsmen You Should Invite?

The decision of the number of groomsmen to invite to the wedding solely lies on how many close relationships you have and what sort of bond you guys share.

On a lighter note, the wedding never stops without groomsmen, but it is a good practice to share your experience with the most important people in your life. Also, it gives the groom extra support that his buddies are around, and they are the groom’s VIP. If the buddies are not entitled to any task, they can still be the life of the whole event.

Humans are social animals, so some people have a long list of potential groomsmen that cannot be neglected. The whole purpose of this article is to facilitate you in regarding selecting the right groomsmen for your wedding. We know that it is a tough decision to make, but you cannot include all the people you are acquainted with.

Attention: While we have used the word groomsmen here, but the real term should be grooms-people because the selection of your wedding pals should be despite the gender. Okay, let’s get real and jump right in.

Number of Average Groomsmen

We believe that the number of groomsmen should not be dependent on science, but we have extracted data to give you an idea of an average groomsmen invited in a wedding. The data says that 6 beautiful humans can be on average groomspeople.

The figure does simplify the groomsmen picking process. However, we would suggest you that it is better to select people based on your closeness with them.

Who will be invited?

The truth is even that if you will invite all of your friends, still someone will be left out. You cannot control that, and there is no need to worry about it. So, the first pro-tip is to forget about the people you are not inviting and enjoy your wedding with zero regrets. 

Who Comes First for You?

Some people are more close to their family than friends. In that case, if you have smooth and unconditional bond with your brothers and cousins, then it can be a family-ended wedding. 

Recent Friends

There are some friends with whom you talk regularly, and those people should be on top of the list. They are the ones who listen to your nagging, becomes a part of your celebrations and you have endless moments of joy with them, so no matter what your parents say about the number of people included in the wedding you must invite them.

School, College Pals

While some of us are connected with our school and college friends, but still it is a matter of choice that how close you are to them currently to invite them. It is important to prioritize your current friends and not your college pals. 

Childhood Buddies

If you are not close to your childhood buddies, then you should not invite them. Even if you are connecting randomly through social media, it doesn’t mean you guys are really close. 

Inviting a Celebrity Friend

It is awesome to know a celebrity, but they can steal the limelight on your big day. Therefore, it is wise to not to invite to your wedding. If your celebrity friend is a famous singer, then you should invite them to give a performance. 


You can even have your parents as a groomsperson because there is nothing more special than them. On the contrary, even if you will not have them as groomsperson, still they will be the most enthusiastic participants at your wedding.

What about My Pet?

We know that pets are inseparable and they can make a cameo at your wedding too. Imagine your pet dog coming in a tuxedo and tie. 

Things to Consider for Choosing Groomsmen

We have already discussed the types of groomsmen you should prioritize for your wedding. Now, it comes to the attributes for the selection of the groomsmen. Being a groomspeople is a responsibility, and not everyone can take it, so you have to make your selection carefully.

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Travel Distance

Some of your friends can be living far away, and you have to be certain that whether they will come to the wedding or not. These long-distance friends often are not able to attend certain events. It is better to have not much hope from them, but if they are pretty close you can always count them in for your wedding day.

Trustworthy Friend

It is important that you should stay away from people who causes trouble, so you have to make sure that your friend can handle situations. If your friend is known to create a scene, then the best idea is not to give him/her any responsibility. Also, if this friend is not so close to you, it’s better not to invite them at all.

Size of the Wedding

Everyone has decided a certain number of people to invite to the wedding. This makes it easier to select groomsmen. Also, in an ideal situation, you can discuss with the bride, and then you can have the same number of both bridesmaids and groomsmen. 

Substitution of Groomsmen

Apart from groomsmen, there are other roles which your close ones need to play at the wedding like best man, groomsmen, ushers and the host couple. The selection of these needs to be in consideration too.

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Groomsmen Look

After finalization of the list of your groomsmen, it becomes crucial that you all should look dapper and be the highlight of the crowd. As much as the groom needs to look good, the groomsmen need to be in perfectly tailored suits at your wedding. If you have come that far to the selection of best groomsmen, we can further help you out with the wedding outfits too. After all, the wedding is all about your boys who will be the mains of the wedding. 

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