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Blue Tuxedos and Wedding Attire for Groom by BespokeDailyShop

Blue Tuxedos and Wedding Attire for Groom

Blue Tuxedos and Wedding Attire for Groom by BespokeDaily Blog

Blue Tuxedos and Wedding Attire for Groom

Isn’t it somehow a little too mainstream that how a man would look perfect at a wedding wearing a black tuxedo? A person can choose to stay in style at a wedding even without wearing a black tuxedo. All you got to do is choose the best shade of blue that falls under the hue of black. The trend of wearing blue suits, tuxedos and shawl jackets has been in for quite a while. With the perfect combination of with any color, blue tends to stand out of all in a very ultra-modern manner. But when it comes to your own wedding, context becomes a priority even after selecting a blue suit.

Wedding Suits in Blue

Now the shades of blue work out depending on the occasion that the suit would be worn to. You can’t act casual and ask for attention, both at the same time. An easy-going light shade of blue would be perfect to be worn off at a very leisure wedding. Although a blue tux or suit stays highlighted in every wedding, the best time of it being the show-runner is when it’s a beautiful wedding in the daytime during spring or summer. The darker suits go for more formal occasions and help to stand out for being chic on the event.

Back in the time, even Madonna sung an album named true blue which of course, brings the attention to not only how lovely it sounds to be as a playlist at a wedding, but also how attractive women find blue tuxedos and dresses being fancy to them on events. And while this album plays out on a wedding, you’ll naturally stand out like a star to everyone because you would be wearing the ‘true blue’. Other than that, even though blue goes along with almost all the colors, it’s always important to consider about the hue of blue you’re choosing to blend in with the other color present in the form of a tie, or a bow and the handkerchiefs to be presented in the pocket squares.

Wedding Suits in Navy Blue

Wedding Tuxedos in Blue

It’s observable that a blue suit is pretty casual, but as the shade gets darker like navy blue, even a navy blue suit acts equivalent to a tuxedo. It’s the best dressing one can do and can literally pull the occasion off while being the spotlight in it. But as important as it is, its usually seen to be worn at traditional weddings, including the specific weather of fall or winter as well. As the colors give in a lot of vibes to the others present around, the navy blue suit makes your presence known in the room because you can easily see people secretly looking at you repeatedly after a while. If you’re a groom, then everyone can’t help but take a good look at you and talk out about your chicness.

The reality is that wearing blue is easy as well as sophisticated considering the fact that how it flatters every other color coming along with it. The shades of blue give off a very decent look as compared to colors. The less of the contrast would be, the more of color would act out as an accessory. But navy blue always works out super great in the fall and winter seasons along with the brown pair of shoes which naturally pop off because of the combination together.

Wedding Tuxedos in Blue

A person shouldn’t always run back to the black tuxedos, but should also work out with the shades and styles of blue which are always eye-catching.

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Something like Midnight Blue

Blue Tuxedos and Wedding Attire for Groom by BespokeDailyShop

The midnight blue wedding tuxedo is something that anyone could pull off and has even revived back in the previous years which pretty much assured is kind of cool to wear. It could be worn with black tie weddings which are usually formal. It can even help you to stand out in a blue wedding suit, as the difference is basically of personal style choice and lapels that one decides to wear. A peak lapel midnight blue tuxedo would be great for the ones who are under 5’8.

Shawl Jacket Tuxedo in Blue

The blue wedding tuxedos are somewhat colorful and are much more worn in spring and summer weddings. The blue shawl tuxedos were basically designed to turn the heads around.

Pin Dot Tuxedo in Midnight Blue

Having and wearing a playful tux at a wedding is important because it’s all about spreading love among your close ones, and the ones you appreciate in your lives. More or less, the pin-dot bow tie or the bold print pocket squares go along with these as they act out as low-key accessories with the tux. Even a blue wedding dinner jacket could work out when you’re looking for a contrast. All it needs a pair of black pants and a monochromatic blue bow-tie with it. It shows you off as an easy-going person along and highlights your facial features.

Now the midnight pin-dot tuxedo that is something is up-to-date in the market as well as being traditional. The pin-dot design is more of being contemporary recently. It is a classic tuxedo with accessories that helps you and your partner shine out brightly. It’s more prominent in the daytime as compared to the evenings as it might mix with the shades showing off as black instead of blue. The straight-laced pocket squares along with a pair of velvet shoes just sound perfect to even imagine it.

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To Synchronise your Suit with Wedding Theme

Blue Tuxedos and Wedding Attire for Groom

At the wedding, both the groom and bride are the ones who are supposed to fit in with each other, specifically related to the suit and dress. If the groom decides to wear a very bold blue to the altar which could be anywhere, the groomsmen and the best man need to work in their suits and tuxedos as well because it’s important to coordinate about the suits. It’s a reality where groomsmen rent out their suits and out of which many are baggy, hence ruining the wedding a little bit but now with the advancements in the society, it is easy to rent online and get any kind of suit, tuxedo, or a jacket one wants. All you gotta do is search for the best place online.

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