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Ideas & Style Inspiration for Groomsmen

Ideas & Style Inspiration for Groomsmen

The groomsmen are the second mains of the wedding, and when given due consideration can lead to their suit selection quite easily. It should be pointed out that wearing a tuxedo at the wedding can always leave an impact.

If the attires of the buddies are sorted, then you only need to worry at the time when someone loses their shirt. Otherwise, life will take a smooth turn, and you will be happy that there is one less thing to worry about.

FAQs of Groomsmen Attire

Q: Does the suit of groom and groomsmen can look alike?

A: First of all, you have to keep in mind that the groom should be highlighted at the wedding. But yeah, the suit of the groomsmen should lie in the same category as the groom. Groomsmen suit selection gets critical in a way that if the groom is wearing a tux, then everyone should have a different style of tux to let the groom have the limelight. 

Q: Is the matching of groomsmen and bridesmaid outfit a thing?

Ideas & Style Inspiration for Groomsmen

A: No, we are not having a prom right of the 80-90’s times. So, please you should never go with the matching outfit. It’s better to have color coordination, and the idea is to complete each other.  

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Q: Is it necessary that groomsmen suit should match each other?

Ideas & Style Inspiration for Groomsmen

A: The right answer is that they should not look like a clone of each other. The basic color theme or fabric should be the same. On the other hand, each individual has a unique style, and they should bring that on the table. For instance, if everyone is wearing the same suit, then you can wear a different neckwear.

We can say that the variations are a risky business. Therefore, the look can be slightly changed by wearing a vest. Also, we would suggest that a theme can be followed in different tones of the same color, but this needs a discussion with your pals. The groomsmen can wear light grey, grey or charcoal tones at the same wedding and can look classic.

Q: How to start with the right selection of a suit or tux when you have so many options?

A: One of the easiest ways for suit selection is knowing what the groom will be wearing at the wedding. On the other hand, you can always have a good suit selection based on the information about the weather, time and theme of the wedding.

Wedding Themes & Groomsmen Style Inspirations

People have different tastes, and everyone wants their wedding to be special, so they choose the theme that resonates the most with them. The most common themes that are followed in the wedding are formal, casual and modern. Honestly, if someone picks a wedding suit for groomsmen, then they have already sorted regarding their wedding theme. We have lined up few ideas for you to suit-up.

Ideas in the Category of Formal for Suit & Tux

For a formal wedding, we all know that the tux is the primary choice for the groomsmen. However, sometimes tux is not everyone’s cup of tea, and if that is the case, then that person should be given consideration too.

Our favorite, black peak and shawl collar tux can always steal the show.  When it comes to color, we will recommend you midnight blue. Honestly, you have to try this color at least once to believe in us. Another suggestion is a white dinner jacket tux, and a group of groomsmen wearing this tux would give such a good view.

Formal weddings demand simplicity; therefore, a white crisp shirt, black patent leather shoes and black or white pocket square would be the right call.

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Ideas in the Category of Causal for Suit & Tux

We want to make it clear that the causal theme can be either way too causal or way little. It is important to have a balance, and we will help you create that balance in your groomsmen’s looks.

For a formal look, the darker tones of grey and blue should be your best buddies. Also, these colors give you a room to stylize your accessories with better options.

The medium tone of both blue and grey are more vibrant. They represent a canvas that is blank and needs to be filled with your creativity. Although these tones, seems like they won’t make much of a difference, if you will choose these color for the groomsmen, these can come off as a symbol of freshness and unity for the groomsmen.

If you have a beach wedding, then tan and light grey colors are the best options. But we want to inform you that light grey color also has a whimsical touch. 

When it comes to accessories for these colors, you can always go for low-key patterns and colors. Also, these colors can be elevated by adding textures. You should brown suede shoes and knitted ties and can rock this look. 

Ideas in the Category of Modern Suit & Tux

Ideas & Style Inspiration for Groomsmen

Some people have a cool mindset, and they have a party vibe wedding theme. In that case, you cannot wear these common suits and tux. 

In a modern themed wedding, you can wear a midnight blue tuxedo, rose jacket, gingham check pattern jacket, notch lapel tuxedo or deep blue dinner jacket. You can just add a pin-dot pattern to your attire.   

The purpose of the modern suit is to have a unique look and not an odd one for the groomsmen. You can keep the accessories simple if you are wearing a unique jacket. Also, for the dance floor, you need to have patterned stuff. 

It is important to keep in mind that all of this coordination for groom and groomsmen becomes difficult to execute; therefore, we offer you easy to select suits and tux with impeccable fittings. All you have to do is to choose and leave the rest of the worries to us, and we will cater to your needs. 

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