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Groom’s Attire and Wedding Suits for Men

Groom’s Attire and Wedding Suits for Men

Everyone has the right to stand out at the wedding, and it could only be done better by selecting a good suit. One of the main aspects to look for suits is the color selection. We have a complete guide for you to give you the title of the best dressed at the wedding.

The foundation of every wedding attire lies in the selection of suit. Although we know the accessories are equally important, and you should not confuse yourself by the selection of ties, cufflinks and lapel pin. Firstly, we will help you choose the suit, and then your favorite accessories can be matched along the way.

Honestly, we want to start with finding you the right color that will speak itself for you. There are so many color options available for the suit like blue, grey, brown, tan and black. Your focus should be the color selection. Don’t worry, we have elaborated on the color selection based on the criteria of themes, mood and seasons. Let us jump straight to your perfect suit selection. 

Wedding Suit’s in Blue

Blue Groom’s Attire and Wedding Suits for Men

The color blue is known for its versatility. If you choose a blue color, then you don’t have to worry about your shoes or accessories because it can be matched with so many colors. Also, the light and dark tone of blue doesn’t matter because it is bound to make you stand out.

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Navy Color Wedding Suit

Groom’s Attire and Wedding Suits for Men

This color is decent and covers the wedding for traditional looks. Also, it can be worn best for evening or night time weddings. 

Let us keep your attire rather lowkey by the selection of attire. If you want to highlight your dress, then you should go for a bowtie and black shoes. On the other hand, for a softer tone, you should opt for brown shoes and a tie.

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Blue Color Wedding Suit

The beauty of this color is that it gives you modern touch with class and honestly who doesn’t want that. While you have to worry about accessories for other tones, this color will provide you a chance to choose any color and get away with it. 

This color has more of a causal wedding mood. It could be worn in the daytime and because of its lighter tone. When it comes to the pocket squares and bowties, you can always choose from a range of options. It can be monochromatic or multicolor, the choice is all yours.

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Grey Color Wedding Suit

Grey color is considered formal, and if you want to go for this color, then you should know you get the right tone. 

Charcoal Color Wedding Suit

Charcoal color is the best choice for evening and night weddings. This color is similar to navy color because it is traditional. Also, it can be a savior in weddings where the dress code is black tie. 

Honestly, a crisp white shirt can steal the show with this color suit. The plus point is that this color makes the fabric texture visible too. This color is your best friend in the fall and winter. You can easily make your look dapper by wearing a vest.

Grey Color Wedding Suit

This color is hands down the epitome of versatility. You can wear it anywhere and anytime, and it will make you look good.

We have to get a little off the track here and would like to give you an idea of what this suit would look like. Honestly, for us, this suit is like the last slice of pizza, and on which everyone has the eyes. You go into the wedding and you will be that very slice.

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Light Grey Color Wedding Suit

The light grey color signifies a cool and relaxed outlook. If you are having these emotions and ready to take on the world with these vibes, then this color is for you.

This color looks bests in spring and summer because it gives a breezy and fresh appearance. Also, daytime weddings make the best choice for this suit. When it comes to accessories, then we have good news that you can match them well with your taste. It can be plain, patterned, and anything you like. This color can do wonders with the matching of your cuff links and neckwear.

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Tan Color Wedding Suit

Groom’s Attire and Wedding Suits for Men

This suit is another addition to your cool and breezy look family. This color represents nature. When it comes to beach wedding without any doubt you should wear a tan suit. Yes, don’t even think twice just wear the suit. 

The color tan can be worn for destination weddings where you can look highlighted because of your cool vibes. Apart from other colors, this color comes as a soft choice, especially in warm weathers. For accessories, you can choose a brown color, or you can look unique by choosing black accessories.

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Wedding Suit in Black

Groom’s Attire and Wedding Suits for Men

Generally, when it comes to tuxedos, the common look is black and white. However, you don’t have to follow the general rule and can mix and match different colors. 

Black is a fall or winter color and should not be worn at summer weddings. Mostly, black color accessories are the best choice in this scenario.

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Being a Groom

The groom has to look his best at the wedding, so getting a rental is a tricky option. Also, the groomsmen should not look the same as the groom. To avoid such circumstances, we can provide you complete guidance. Also, our suits have a modern fitting that will make you feel amazing. The groom should have a different theme than the groomsmen. If they are following the same theme as the groom, then still we can make you make the groom stand out. The best part is all of this process can be tracked online and will make the process hassle-free. Have a happy wedding season!

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