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Biggest Fall Wedding Trends in 2020 by BespokeDailyShop Blog

Biggest Fall Wedding Trends in 2020

In fall, everything feels cozy, so the reason why the wedding is considered to be the most amazing one out of all. It is because fall is considered to be cool and colors that are brighter than usual, and the holiday hustle and bustle are never-ending in it. In this season, there is always a new trend that comes up every year that the brides and grooms try to and want to include in their wedding ceremony and wedding parties. Some of the wedding planning predicted with some ideas which might be the trend of this year. Those ideas are discussed as follows. 

Biggest Fall Wedding Trends in 2020 by BespokeDailyShop Blog

Micro Weddings

Some of the couples have always strived for intimate affairs rather than the public. Because they might head to invite everyone they do not want to. These micro weddings have even less than 30 guests invited and tend to hire the majorly needed vendors for that event. With time, people are planning to have micro-weddings. This trend has increased so much that around 76% of the couple wants their marriage ceremony this way. This ceremony would have your family members along with some close friends with some toast, some champagne, and how can we forget, some dessert with a send-off. 

Outdoor Venues 

With the current situation of the pandemic where people need to maintain the social distance among themselves, the couples have started to consider more about the outdoor venue weddings. Even if it has the word distancing in it, the couple is still able to have guests on the table while having entertainment and activities as time goes by. 

Unique Colour Combos 

Now the couple does not want to stay stick to the traditional style of wearing a black tux and a white gown along with it. They want to add in colors from different seasons like spring and summer, whereas some of them stick by their color palettes even if their wedding has been delayed. 

Neon Wedding Signs 

The trend has been high in the neon signs this year, and this means that it would be the showstopper of the weddings this year. The couples could go for anything, by having their names in it, to having their favorite quotes of love. 

Classic Tux Style 

Biggest Fall Wedding Trends in 2020 by BespokeDailyShop Blog

Even though many of the grooms want to have something new in their wedding attires. Some still daydream about those tuxedos that James Bond wore and had that act of chivalry in it and would go for it. 

Interactive Food Stations 

Just like the social distancing thing, the food and beverage stations would have a great flow in this year. By adopting this style, not only the guests are safe, but they feel more welcomed and pleased in a better way. 

Bold Boutonnières

Those billy ball flowers in two to three shades of yellow would be the trend in boutonnières because the situation has been lately. People want to see and have colors in their lives. The succulents in it would be famous like always as they would help to make the boutonnières appear to be fresh and perfect throughout the whole day. 

Mismatched Attire

Those matching attires and having that uniform look would not be seen to much this year. The reason is that grooms and the groomsmen would have the same color scheme, but would wear that would please them and in what they would feel comfortable in. 

Metallic Details

If you want your wedding to look a bit royal, then you would add those gold and silver metals to it. Those designs would be needed to stay the same. In this way, your guests would always remember your wedding and talk about it they would recall memories from your day. 

These are the most important trends coming up this year, hence if you have your wedding coming up or any of your friend’s wedding coming up this fall, let them know about these trends so that they do not miss out on these.


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