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8 Great Ideas for Groomsmen Accessories by BespokeDailyShop Blog

8 Great Ideas for Groomsmen Accessories

When you are choosing your groomsmen, you deep down know that they would give in their best to make your day special for you. So the best that you would want from them is that they look the absolute best on your wedding day. Hence, for that purpose, it is essential to choose between a suit or tux which would depend on the weather but more importantly, what accessories would look great and would make them stand out of the crowd easily. Some of the best tips for the accessories on the groomsmen are discussed as follows.

Select the Right Tie

8 Great Ideas for Groomsmen Accessories by BespokeDailyShop Blog

The tie that your groomsmen would wear on your wedding day would surely make a statement of their own so you need to choose between the options which could be dramatic colours, some pretty paisley or even an off-beat pattern to it. You could look different from your groomsmen by choosing your own style of the tie which is like you could wear a bowtie when the rest of the squad would wear the neckties on the main day. 

Add a Tie Bar

By adding in a tie clip or a tie bar, it would definitely level up the groomsmen game and their outlook. Make sure it should be between the 3rd and 4th buttons of the shirts or at the same level as the chest jacket pocket. 

Get Playful with Pocket Squares

Those pocket squares add classiness to the attire as they show a bit of the fabric which is displayed at the breast pocket of the suit and tuxedo. You would go for a fanciful design or even a bright colour so that they pop out from the whole attire and do not be the reason for a distraction from the rest of the attire as well. It should be created from a different material than the rest of the tuxedo or suit jacket. 

Be Bold with Boutonnieres 

Just like the bride and the bridesmaids, the groomsmen are supposed to have beautiful flowers along with them in the form of boutonnieres. Those boutonnieres should compliment the bouquets of the bridesmaids, but they should be different than the groom’s itself so that he could stand apart from them. 

Go with a Lapel Pin


8 Great Ideas for Groomsmen Accessories by BespokeDailyShop Blog

These come in a lot of materials and designs and are tend to be called enamel pins instead of lapel pins. They could be replaced with the floral boutonnieres.  There are many colours and designs available for the Generation Tuxedo and these lapel pins are shaped in the form of petals as they are hand-cut as well. 

Choose Some Cufflinks 

Having some shine on the groomsmen look would never be bad and for this, the best is to add it through the cufflinks. They could be silver or gold in colour. Your groomsmen would be super happy when you would gift these cufflinks to them on your wedding whereas the gaiety could be looked at our selection of accessories. 

Gift Them with Special Socks

Just like the whole outfit, when every detail is considered, so are socks as well. They cannot be left for afterthought processing. The bridal parties are having some variety in the socks which include fun patterns, bold colours to it and images or meaningful saying on it as well. So you just need to choose a design and get it for all of your groomsmen in the form of gifts to them. 

Make a Statement with Suspenders 

8 Great Ideas for Groomsmen Accessories by BespokeDailyShop Blog

When you add in the suspenders to your outfit, they automatically attract style and elegance to it. So to go for the suspenders on the groomsmen would obviously add in a touch to it. When the groomsmen are done with their consideration of the wedding day outfit, you could tell them to go for the online platforms so that the party’s rentals could be managed easily. Just send in the link in that group of you and your groomsmen so that they could rent the exact same products you want for your wedding day while keeping attack on the progress of your squad to make sure they get everything on time and not be late or ruining your wedding day imaginative lookout.


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