How to Style Black Tie Attire for Men on Special Occasions

How to Style Black Tie Attire for Men on Special Occasions

We all know black tie attire can limit your options, and you also have to win the title of the best dressed. You are in the right place because we will help you to do the perfect matching for black tie attire wedding or events.

It is important to convey the idea that when you choose a black tie then you have to go through a proper set of rules. The best part is we have aligned all of these rules and formed a complete guidebook.  Let us continue the black tie journey.

Definition of Black Tie Dressing

Black tie attire can be done wrong. It is a symbol of simplicity and class. Therefore, it is not the first choice for people who prefers extravagant dressing styles. However, the question still persists that how to look your best when you have such limited options of color. Mostly, black tie is paired with a white dress shirt and black tuxedo. There are still so many things to keep into account before your attire selection, so you can neither look overdressed or underdressed for the event.

How to Style Black Tie Attire for Men on Special Occasions

What to consider, and what’s not while going for a black tie attire?

First and foremost, you should pay attention to your suit fitting. A simple look can be elevated by the proper fitting of your black suit and black tie. Also, you can add a hint of style while choosing wisely your accessories and lapel shape. 

Wedding Dress Code of Black Tie

Sometimes you have to go to weddings which have black tie dress code. Generally, It is better not to have black ties dress code, but if there are then, still be prepared to rock your look.

Black Tux

How to Style Black Tie Attire for Men on Special Occasions

The peak lapel black tuxedo can be worn on a black tie wedding theme. The advantage is that the perfectly tailored suit can look formal but highlights you. 

How to Style Black Tie Attire for Men on Special Occasions

If you want to go for a different option, then you can choose from a different lapel shape like a rounded one. We would suggest you shawl lapel tuxedo in black color. Although this will not look as classic as the black tuxedo, it gives a statement if carried well in a black tie attire wedding.

White Shirt

When it comes to black tie dressing code, the only color suitable for dress shirts is white. If you like a traditional look, then you can wear a simple wingtip white dress shirt. If you want to add a modern touch, you can wear a fold-down collared and pleated front shirt. Ultimately, you still will have the choice to stylize with cute cufflinks. 

Black Bow Tie

There are different options for solid black bow tie shapes for your black attire. Apart from the simple butterfly of bow tie styles, you can also choose a wide or diamond-shaped butterfly.

White Pocket Square

It’s all about the contrast of the pocket square color with your tuxedo. The white color linen pocket square can justify the look. 

Black Shoes

How to Style Black Tie Attire for Men on Special Occasions

The shoe choice for a black tie dress code is black ones. Although you might get confused about which shoe material will be best suited for the wedding. You can always choose simple patent shoes. If you want to wear something fancy, then you can select different styles of cap toe shoes and calfskin patterns. 

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Patterned or Plain Cufflinks & Button Studs

The good news is for cufflink selection, you don’t have to be particular. The choice is all yours that whether you want to keep them simple or you want to have patterned ones. Sometimes men go a little extra with their cufflinks, but that’s okay. There is no hard and fast rule, and the world is all yours. On the other hand, if you would want to wear buttons that fill up the front of the tuxedo shirts, you can always make sure to pair them with your cufflinks.

Black Waist Covering 

Honestly, this is our most favorite style statement, but we would recommend this only if you are going to a star-studded event. While wearing vest would be a more decent and modern choice for your black tie wedding attire. Also, we would further recommend you to wear the low cut vest to further give a statement.

Special Events & Black Tie Dressing 

Apart from the wedding, if you are lucky, you could get an invitation to other special black tie attire events. It totally depends if it is traditional or causal, and you have to select your black tie attire accordingly. You have to make sure to dress as per the type of event.

Tuxedo Style

How to Style Black Tie Attire for Men on Special Occasions

In the case of a tuxedo, notch lapel would be a better choice in the case of modern black tie event attire. On the other hand, there is an option of a midnight blue tuxedo that can be worn with a black tie.

Shirts Style

There is nothing wrong with a simple cotton shirt, or you can wear wingtip and fold-down style shirts. However, the French cuffs will always be your savior.

Bow Tie Style

A simple pattern of black and white like a pin-dot can be chosen for the black tie attire. You can achieve more if you play with the shape of the material of your bow tie. 

Pocket Square Style

The patterns of a pocket square can make your look complete, so make sure you select one which resonates with your personality.

Shoe style

If you want to stand out, then you must wear a wood sole. Also, you can go for a patent leather grosgrain loafers.

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Cummerbund or Vest Style

The waist covering is not a good idea but low cut vest can be worn with midnight blue suit.

The bottom line is going to a black tie attire wedding, you have to look your best while matching your attire with a black tuxedo. If you have to go to an exclusive black tie attire event, then you should wear a rental suit. We have suits in so many fitting options that can make you look best at events, so you can show everyone how exactly it is done.

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