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5 Colours Trends for a Fabulous Fall Wedding

5 Colours Trends for a Fabulous Fall Wedding

The season of fall makes everyone fall in love more while saying I do. Approximately 36% of the couples plan their weddings in the fall season which has been making October be the most popular wedding months in the last few years. Other than that, September is the second-most popular month for weddings. There is a great reason behind as for couples to live this season which is not only the weather but also those vibrant colours with rich hues which are considered to be great for the backdrops for the pictures. The hues give in a major role in making up your main day. As this means that whatever colour the couples would choose, it would be involved in everything which includes the invites, decors, the attires and the flowers. To keep up some great points in your mind, you may want to go through the hottest colour trends that would be popping up this fall for sure. 

Shades of Blue 

5 Colours Trends for a Fabulous Fall Wedding by BespokeDailyShop Blog

The blue has always been a classic in all types of weddings, and in the fall season of 2020, it is considered to be the Pantone Colour of the year as it has been playing the role of the perfect base colour for the fall weddings. There have been plenty of requests and addition of shades of blue including Mystic, Navy Blue suits for the groom’s attire specifically. These blues have a great tendency to go along with the other colours including Hunter Green, Merlot, and Sangria because they look perfect together with each other. 

Purple Perfection 

5 Colours Trends for a Fabulous Fall Wedding by BespokeDailyShop Blog

The colour of purple in different shades and hues has been considered to be a pretty hot commodity for the fall season’s colour this year. The couples have been using gradients of purple, moreover, paired up with some marigold so that the atmosphere could be bright around. The textures of the attires and accessories look great when the deep hues like velvet and gold accents are combined. 

Tried & True Jewel Tones

The similarity to the shades of leaves has always bloomed the fall season to be gorgeous. Not only is the colour scheme making a statement by those bold jewels and rich tones, but they are also more eye-pleasing as well. The latest trend of these includes the hues of cream along with browns which are ruby, amethyst and emerald. They do not even come off as being over the top but still maintain their elegance as well.

Be Bold 

Weddings are not always about traditions and sticking up to them. One can go for more solid and darker shades of yellow or even the creamsicle orange which would be considered much cheeky and modern for the wedding look. Whereas the subtle hues of the combination of two colours; solid with bolder colours turn out to be great for the wedding season of fall. 

Gorgeous Grey

5 Colours Trends for a Fabulous Fall Wedding by BespokeDailyShop Blog

When the couples want to look stunning during their fall-wedding, the best way to work it up that way is having the base in grey colour, more like an Iron Grey colour for the suit. It would work out with any colour combined with it, so the couples should go for different colours they desire to include in their wedding for sure. For a more romantic pairing, the couples could easily go for pink colour because the brides love pink colour combinations. But they would be the showstopper duo only if they go for the hot pink tones in their attires. 

You could include any shade, any colour in your wedding because fall is all about colours. Anyone can nail their style in this season on their wedding event even if they try to add in the colours whether in their attires or their accessories


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