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8 Wedding Reception Trends for 2021 that Your Guests Have Not Seen Before

8 Wedding Reception Trends that Your Guests Have Not Seen Before by BespokeDailyShop

It is all about the future that we are talking bout that would including the food, beverages, interactive experiences, entertainment on your wedding day. We would tell you about the reception trends that have been introduced that have made the statement, and the guests have not been able to forget about it. 

When you are over your wedding ceremony, there comes the time to party with everyone around you. Well, to make a mark about your wedding reception, look out for the wedding trends for 2021. This would be the perfect time for your menu, the décor and even the way you want to surprise your guests about it. Those fancy cocktails, the giant cheese boards as well as the grown-up mon bounces would be all remarkable to be added to your party. 

Drinkable Escort Cards 

If you would not help out your guests by not displaying the seating chart, then you may come up with the escort cards that would help them come to their tables and seats. But that does not stop there. You may want to be creative with that idea and have the edible or drinkable cards as these ideas have become more famous in 2020 that is quite thrilling. Giving off your guests some snacks or drink with those escort cards make up their mood to know that they would surely enjoy this wedding. Now, this is where you get more creative by having some signature cocktail or serve those personal hor d’oeuvres of yours. Some of the ideas may give custom hand-piped cookies, glasses of a bubbly, tequila shot, macaroons, mini baguettes, and sliders. 

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Bursts of Colour

This comes in for the point of the decor. This trend was brought back in 2019 and has started to grow more by being introduced in this new decade. Being a couple, you may want to go for the vibrant colors that would be the rust orange, marigold, cobalt blue, and even coral. Those pastel colors have been making there a way in this wear, and their hues have lilac and lavender purple, mint green, and butter yellow in it. Those bright colors should be displayed at the centerpieces, the tablescapes, those wedding games, and all the other decors as well. 


8 Wedding Reception Trends that Your Guests Have Not Seen Before by BespokeDailyShop

Those bartenders do amazing work that makes you want to go to them for those go-to drinks that have vodka sodas, patrol spritzers, daiquiris, and those margaritas. They have great speed for work as well. Although the mixologists have more space to the imagination while having the approach of experiments making that cocktail with the unexpected elements. The usual example would be where they create that cocktail served in a terrarium as it is lit on fire just in front of you and has been beet down the ice luge into a glass. These mixologists would do great wonders and find unique ways to level up your celebrations. So you better go and hire a mixologist. If you want your guests to remember about your wedding for the rest of their lives. Not only would it be entertaining, but it would be super delicious as well.

Experimental Favours 

These are those DIY bouquet bars have heir own built terrariums as well as those custom perfume blendings with the aura photography in it. These are the most modern ways to be creative to send off your guests with some gifts by the end of the event. If you have been overwhelmed by the wedding favor ideas, you would want to go for this fun alternative idea. You should make sure you choose it yourself because your guests would surely be on their feet and start mingling. 

Food Boards 

You would want to present your wedding food in a great and elegant way to your coming guests. Because now, it is all about 2021 and how you slay in it. Food would always work out in any case of yours, even if you are a foodie or not, or you just want to start a conversation for your guests. Hence, the element of the food would surely be the trend as it always has been. You should arrange those food boards accordingly, and present one dish during that cocktail hour to help out those hungry guests a bit. They may be the centerpieces on your wedding reception table. 

Creative Seating Layout 

Wherever your venue of wedding maybe, you would always want to line up your seating arrangement neatly. Thinking out of the box would be a great idea that would impact your vibe of the wedding. This is a trend that would have the winding serpentine setups and communal U-shaped or even circular groupings in it. This could turn out to be aesthetic for you. 

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Moon Bounces 

One thing people want to go for is the moon bounces. The rental companies across the country help a lot in it as the couples sometimes live to throwback their childhood days. If you are inviting people who have kids, then this idea would turn out to be great for you. But deep down, even you wished to have fun on it while being an adult. If not the wedding, then please go for it on an hour rehearsal dinner or engagement party. 

Hands-on Refreshments 

The self-serving refreshments are going to be a big trend in 2021 and the upcoming years due to the current situation. One-third of the guest always need to go to the bar while attending a marriage, so by doing this, you would make it memorable for your guests. Your guests would be able to have the perfect pour by those tap walls, sangria bars, and prosecco trucks. 


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