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How to Get the Perfect Suit for Your Fiancé by BespokeDailyShop Blog

How to: Get the Perfect Suit for Your Fiancé

Weddings are mostly considered to be about brides because they get to be the showstoppers by wearing those stunning dresses, and mostly gowns. The reason for that is a girl dreams about her big day since the very start, so it should be her day. However, it has great importance that the couples should shine together with each other on their main days. But it comes off to be natural that the one who is wearing that dress made up of lace, tulle, beads and sparkles, would have most of the eyes to itself and itself only. Due to this, it gets tougher to select a suit for the wedding day. Although, if you do not want to steal the limelight of your partner, you should look forward to the pieces of advice that are discussed below. 

Select a Suit That Fits Your Personality 

How to Get the Perfect Suit for Your Fiancé by BespokeDailyShop Blog

The initial step is to never go for the colour that you have never tried before on yourself. For that, it could turn out to be pretty bad for you. Suits are considered as mainstream clothing as it could be worn anywhere, everywhere. You should not go for it, but instead, try to rent your suit attire as the White Shawl Lapel tuxedo. Because when you would wear that, you would not regret it for a moment even. 

Add Flair in Unexpected Places 

Now there are certain ways of levelling up your game of glamour and vitality which are as follows.

  • The consideration of adding up some bright colours to the accessories would never be a bad idea. One can go for the pocket square having some chic attitude to it, or a brand new Saffron tie with it. Having those vests and socks helps quite a lot in bringing some sass to your personality. 
  • You could look pretty dope if you go for an open collar look when going with the spread collar shirt. 
  • Make sure you try on your suit multiple times before your wedding day because, by this, you would always slay and walk your way to the dance floor with confidence. 

Keep it Cohesive But Be Unique 

How to Get the Perfect Suit for Your Fiancé by BespokeDailyShop Blog

Sometimes wearing something different instead of matching the attires together is cliché. Moreover, the pictures of your wedding day might make you look quite sticky to each other which you would never want to go for. Instead of going for the similar shades, that too of blue, you should wear the bold shade which is like Indigo Blue Notch Lapel Suit or even the Bright Blue and Navy Blue ones. Try to have contrasting accessories while keeping your style which could be floral, or even polka dot print in your tie, your boutonnières could have vibrant colours in it which would be relatable to the dresses of both of you. 

So make sure you do your suit hunting carefully and not only look it as a dress but as a memory for your wedding day which you would cherish forever. 


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