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11 Rules to Follow When Wearing a Grey Suit

Whatever you plan to dress for an occasion, be it casual or formal, you could never dress wrong while wearing a grey suit. You can level it up and level it down according to your need of showing yourself off at the event as your match it up with different colours to give it a more chic and modern look to it. But to look sleek in grey suits, you would want to review the rules you have to follow so that you can look handsome in your wedding suit. 

11 Rules to Follow When Wearing a Grey Suit by BespokeDaily Blog

  • Consider Formality

You have to keep in your mind about the timings of the event because then you would pick the grey shades accordingly. If it is a casual along with a daytime event, it would be better to go with a lighter shade of grey. When you are about to attend a formal event which is usually in evenings, the darker shades of grey like charcoal grey suit would be the best for it. 

  • Make Sure It Fits 

You would want to display your outfit that it was completely made for you, so for that, you would want the suit to fit you perfectly. These grey suits do not look much nice as boxy, instead, they look much better in the slimmer fits. If you go for our page, it is much easier because we would just require your basic information regarding your height, weight, the size of your jeans and a bit more and after that, it gets easier for us to handle the rest due to the innovation in our technology. 

  • Choose Wool

It is not only about appearing to look the best but also about being comfortable in what you wear. For this, wool is completely reliable because, for s fact, it has no wrinkles on it and could be worn at anytime during the year. 

  • Pair It With a Light Shirt 

11 Rules to Follow When Wearing a Grey Suit by BespokeDaily Blog

As being grey the neutral, you would want to go for the lighter shades and hues of colours in your shirt. The most likely to look great in the white dress shirts and the light blue ones. But if you are eager in adding some colour to your attire, you could go for some lilac and even soft pink in it. 

  • Reconsider Black 

When you consider wearing a black shirt with a grey wedding suit, you can imagine it looking great during the night and hence, it is a night look for sure. For the daytime and afternoon events, the grey suits look much nice in bright colours. 

  • Skip the Striped Tie 

Those striped ties with the grey suit only look nice for the workplace or those business affairs you have to attend, not for a wedding event at all. 

  • Play With Colour 

You cannot feel nervous while going with any colour if you are wearing a grey suit because, in one way or another, grey is the perfect baseline for any type of colour in the suits. The suggestions tell that for fall or spring, the combination of butter yellow and light grey suits look great, for the fall, late summer, or even winter, the matching of yellow oranges or corals with the medium grey whereas for the spring, the soft lavender or even light blues look eye-pleasing with the dark grey and lastly, for the fall and winter itself, nobody can beat the combination of the deeper jewel tones with the grey suits.   

  • Select a Lighter Pocket Square

It is no essential that you have to match your pocket square with ties. Instead, it is sometimes better to go with a lighter shade than it. Now if you are going for a black-tie, you would want to add in some colour to the pocket square. 

  • Go, Silver 

You are wearing and you do not feel the urge to have silver in it, then you are doing it wrong. Whenever wearing a grey suit, you would observe that silver looks remarkable with the grey suits so you need to make sure while shopping related to the lapel pins, the cufflinks and even the tie clips you go for silver coloured ones. If you are the type of person who loves gold, you may want to go for those accessories in white gold. 

  • Put on the Right Pair of Shoes 

While wearing a grey suit, you would have access to multiple shoe options. The basic and much complementing looks include the black and tan ones, however, if you are in the mood to add up some flair to it, you can even go for the burgundy pair as well. Now for the daytime event, the guys always want the attention to themselves and hence have started to wear those bright coloured trainers and even the white sneakers with it. 

  • Keep It Clean

Not all but the lighter shaded greys tend to get dirty much easier so if you get any kind of stain on it, you would want to clean it over straight away without further ado while caring about that suit or even tuxedos as it directs in its label. 


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