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Romantic Outfits to Wear on Valentine’s Day: A Gentlemen’s Guide

The one size doesn’t have to everyone, specifically for the eve of Valentine’s Day. What you want to wear, what you are considering to wear, and how do you want to wear which could be a suit or tuxedo, should be on top of your list of priorities and considerations so that your partner does not get the chance to focus somewhere else. Even though there are plenty of suits and tuxedos along with those massive accessories, there is still some room to have the secret weapon to yourself so that you look the best on the date of 14th February. We are here to share that secret weapon with you because dressing has been an important element for men to brainstorm what to wear for the date that day. The high-ranked choices of us are described below. 

Romantic Outfits to Wear on Valentine’s Day: A Gentlemen’s Guide by BespokeDailyShop Blog


You: The guy who is into technology and is about to start up his business, and surely loves craft beer. 

The Date: The date would get super interesting when the both of you would be at an experimental molecular-gastronomy bar looking at the 12-course mouthful menu. 

The Look: Your partner would have surely seen your casual personality side, but it is time to surprise them. It is much important to look good rather than going after food on the date as well. The no-tie indigo suit with a patterned shirt is the kind of gingham we would suggest. If you go for this, you would be turning quite a few heads around. 


You: The comedian who has a great personality with that huge smile on his face. 

The Date: It could be at the opera while having that favourite fancy dessert that you both like, at the end of the day. 

The Look: When you tend to opera, you are already making up your mind to look that super ultra-chic in your tuxedo. The colour good is smooth like light grey which would be sophistication and perfectly honour the date. The accessories could match the colours that your partner would wear. 


You: That romantic book lover who loves to travel the world while sips his whiskey is the combination you might be looking for. 

The Date: The club and the cinema which are located underground in that French film named as Hors D’oeuvres is the perfect place to sip champagne with your partner on these kinds of eves. 

The Look: Valentine Day dressing means going to look extra romantic that day. Spending the time at that location means going for the combination including the Red, Black and White colours. Those black notch lapel suit along with having ruby red lapel rose on it and a pocket square, that is just fabulous. The colours of the vests could also be something in grey or black as they make you look at the boss of the room always. 


You: The guy who loves a tattoo of everything on his body. 

The Date: You might want to reserve your chef’s table at your favourite restaurant months before so that you do not miss the chance at all. 

The Look: Those dark jeans with a vest and button-down would make you look dope. Add on those boots while rolling your sleeves till your elbow so that you could show your tattoos off. Put that jacket on your shoulder and tell the world that the night is yours. 


You: The proud dad to a dog who loves to grill at the back of his lawn and loves sports. 

The Look: Your location should be somewhere you could be easy in the environment, as a tour to the craft brewery as having the meal onsite with the beers. 

The Look: Get your favourite sweater on while pairing it up with jeans, those dress shoes and a suit coat on. That would be the exact amount of elegancy you would need to add in your personality. 


You: The father of two and who loves nature. 

The Date: A lovely dinner at a local restaurant as the babysitter looks after the kiddos for you. 

The Look: When you have decided to get the babysitter for the eve, you should surely level up your game and wear a grey sharkskin notch suit as a tie to it with a rose in the pocket square and brown loafers to complete your look. By this, it would look like you appreciate romanticism in your life no matter what is happening in your life. 


You: The one who is into music, loves coffee and seems to be the hopeless romantic of his time. 

The Date: You should bring your guitar while you and sit near the river, followed up with a sweet proposal. 

The Look: It should look like you are about to record your album tonight which is an everyday look. Go for the jeans that are in good condition as you smart down button with a leather or suede jacket and the boots. 


You: The one who works hard at the office and seems dedicated to life. 

The Date: That homemade dinner at this day is something every girl feels comfortable too. Do not forget to lit up your candles at the table. 

The Look: That boring side of yours should or be there tonight, going casual romantic is something you would want to go for. Have a tightly knitted sweater with some slacks and loafers and be the Don Draper of the day as giving off that vibe. 


You: The good old boy who is considered to be classic Southern. 

The Date: cruising at the sunset on a riverboat while you sip champagne and have dinner. 

Romantic Outfits to Wear on Valentine’s Day: A Gentlemen’s Guide by BespokeDailyShop Blog

The Look: When you want to be on a riverboat at Valentine’s day, you would want to go extra for your partner while you wear a white tux having shawl lapel on it. It looks eye-pleasing when worn during the colourful sunset. Match your pocket square with the colour that your partner would wear.


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