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How to Wear a Blue Tuxedo – 5 Simple Rules by BespokeDailyShop Blog

How to Wear a Blue Tuxedo – 5 Simple Rules

Master the Blue Tuxedo with Ease 

If you own a blue tuxedo, you will always look classy, elegant, and style-forward whenever you wear it. Therefore, it is the prime reason why you should own a blue tuxedo in the first place. They always tend to stand out in the rush of the black tuxedos and take a place none like the others. Consider it that how much you would stand out in the flock of black tuxedos and how good and handsome you would look in it. This is the sole reason why celebrity designers always go for the blue tuxedos on the red carpets. It is not like those tuxedos are only for celebrities or elites. You could wear it as well. A common guy with a budget worthy blue tuxedo is all one needs to have to own. Apart from that, how you wear that tuxedo is what matters. If you want to nail it, you need to learn how to do it. 

Although these blue tuxedos look amazing only if you’re styling perfectly with it. There are only 5 simple and easy rules you need to work on just to give yourself that red-carpet look. 

5 Simple rules to Wearing a Blue Tuxedo

  • Choose a Royal Blue or Midnight Blue Tuxedo

The first step is all about grabbing the perfect shade of the tuxedo for yourself. If you want to stand out in the crowd, you may consider having our top pick of royal blue tuxedo. It is pretty much sure that you would look the perfect man of the night by looking out to be bold and classy because you will be in the rarefied air. 

How to Wear a Blue Tuxedo – 5 Simple Rules by BespokeDailyShop Blog

Blue Tuxedo by BespokeDailyShop

If this is a strong pick for you, it doesn’t mean you need to go back to the old black tuxedos. For that purpose, you can go for a darker shade like the midnight blue tuxedo. It is super great if you want to shine bright like a diamond in your own other shades of blues. When it comes to turning away heads while you go. It would give you that chic and sophisticated look that anyone with a new experience with the blue tuxedo could handle, more for the one going for black-tie attire. 

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  • Don a Pair of Velvet Slippers 

How to Wear a Blue Tuxedo – 5 Simple Rules by BespokeDailyShop Blog

Velvet Loafers by GentWith

If the weather is not working out your way for the New Year Eve, those leather laced shoes could be switched up with the formal slippers. But when you hear that you may need to wear slippers with your tux, it might turn you off; however, these are not just some ordinary slippers of the house. Instead, these are the modern-day slippers named as loafers. That too, it has a formal touch of velvet to it. Now, if you want to ask for our suggestion. We may tell you to try the dark or black velvet loafers with your blue tuxedo, but without socks. 

  • Wear your Blue Tuxedo with the Right Shirt 

How to Wear a Blue Tuxedo – 5 Simple Rules by BespokeDailyShop Blog

Navy Blue Tuxedo by BespokeDailyShop

Everything would work perfectly fine, but you need to work out with your shirt that you will wear under the tux. We have different varieties of tuxedo shirt styles so that you can distinguish them from the simple ones. 

It is best to consider the traditional look like the Downton Abbey looks with a wing collar. If it is Downtown and not Downton, then it is probably better to turn down the collar that makes a classic dress. The shirt collar on the formal tuxedo shirts that you wear under the tuxedo. 

Formal shirts are always the savior of the day when the collars don’t work out your way. They are obviously different from the everyday white shirts that we wear. Along with these formal shorts, French cuffs are a must and the best. You know there is more to the tuxedo shirts because they hide the little things like the buttons on the packets.

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  • Wear it with Suspenders 

When you chose to wear a blue tuxedo you don’t want to wear a belt with it. It doesn’t look nice. It is pretty much known that the tuxedo pants don’t even have the belt loops. Because they are worn with suspenders. It adds points to your style for sure. 

If the pants are already great with its fitting, the suspenders would pretty much enhance the look and make you look classic and subtle. The black suspenders pretty much give off the serious, and sedating look. You can pair white-colored suspenders with white formal shirts. Yet you can stand out by adding pattern and color to the suspenders to add more class. It is important to look after these two things so that they don’t steal the show and look perfect with your blue tux. It is all about the perfect shade of the color along with a soft integrated pattern. Obviously, you’re not going to wear a blue tuxedo the whole night, so the suspenders under the tux would help you look at the man of the night even while dancing on the floor. 

  • Separate your Blue Tuxedo 

How to Wear a Blue Tuxedo – 5 Simple Rules by BespokeDailyShop Blog

Sky Blue Tuxedo by BespokeDailyShop

Lastly, it is all about standing out of the whole crowd by giving yourself that dynamic look for the night. You can still wear a subtle tux in blue with black dress pants and can nail the dress just like the dinner jackets look. Moreover, this outfit works for the black-tie rule and makes you be the one who rules the night without being the textbook material. 

Wear your Blue Tuxedo with Confidence

Now that we have described all the simple and easy steps of wearing and nailing your blue tuxedo, it is time for you to come into action. Even if you don’t have the products, click on the pictures above and get your products right away. If you have somewhat made your point, then we are more than ready to help you in the comment section below. 


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