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A Clear Guide for Fathers on What to Wear on Weddings by BespokeDailyShop.com

A Clear Guide for Fathers on What to Wear on Weddings

Guide for Fathers on What to Wear on Weddings

The bride or groom’s father is the main man of the occasion and he must stand out among the crowd. Generally, fathers play various responsibilities in weddings. He is the one person that everyone has eyes on because he has to manage and take participate with you for all the dad rituals like dancing, toasts and so on. Therefore, his dressing is also a top priority in the wedding tasks checklist and it needs to be perfect. Don’t worry we have a whole guide on how to make your dad look dapper on your big day.

There are many facts to keep into account to make your dad look classy and handsome. It is difficult to have this combination, but he will be looking remarkably good and go well with the themes which are usually followed in the weddings (casual, formal, and traditional and so on). So, Kids do take notes because your old man will steal the show after reading our guide.

Bride’s Father Attire

Daughters have the strongest bond with his father because he is the first man they fall in love with. Therefore, this relationship must be valued with a careful suit selection. Let’s explore the few key points which will facilitate you and your dad to ace the look.

Wedding Dress code

The first step for the appropriate suit selection is the dress code of the wedding. Firstly, you have to make sure that the dress code of the wedding is already finalized so your dad can have a suit according to it. If everyone is following a causal theme, then you should not go for a tuxedo because it will make you look odd. Also, the father must know what the groom is wearing so he can manage his dress accordingly. 

Grooms Family Dress

If everyone is wearing a tuxedo, then the groom’s father can add little taste to his attire. It could be anything like a different color tie, waist or dress shirt. The main purpose is that whenever someone looks at him they say, yeah, that is the father of the bride.

Color Selection 

It is highly recommended to go for a monotone suit and not to add so many colors to it since it will make him blend with the wedding decor and it won’t distract the audience.

Keeping up with the DAD

While we all know that sometimes the dad can actually be cooler and charming than groom. In this case, you must have some mercy on the groom and let him look his best in his big event. While some dads prefer different colors but the classic black tuxedo is what makes your old man look divine. 

Outfits Selection of DADS

In some scenarios, the dads in the family can mutually decide a matching attire to wear to the event. However, we would still suggest that the parent’s dad should have an element of difference in their attire so they can be perfectly visible in the crowd. Also, if there is not a common dress selection then you can simply select a dress and inform everyone that I will be wearing this color so they will go for some other color.

Always have an input for Dress Selection

The fathers are usually careless about their looks but some are self-conscious. So it’s always a good idea to make your old man choose and select and put your say in it. Eventually, you will have sorted one of the tasks from your wedding lists.

Which one? Formal or Traditional?

Some people have traditional weddings and others go for formal weddings. If you want to opt for a formal look you should go for a tuxedo, bow tie and black patent leather shoes. A tux is known to be more formal than suits, and they can be matched with the crowd too because your father will look so handsome. On the other hand, dad can rock a traditional look by wearing any darker tone suit with a solid tie.

Modern or Causal?

Some people prefer destination weddings and it doesn’t align with the formal dressing sense because your attire must compliment the view (landscapes, beaches or so on). In all of the cases, suits are the best option they can never go wrong for your father. 

If you have a modern wedding theme, then your dad should rock a brighter color suit. If the wedding is in summer or spring then light grey and tan colored suits are budget-friendly and serve as a proper dress. When they are matched with the same west and wedding colors, it can make your father look as dashing as ever. 

Furthermore, we also would suggest that despite the theme, a white colored dress shirt should be the primary choice. 

Tailored Suits

Tailors suits are one of most important parts of Guide for Fathers on What to Wear on Weddings. Well, most dads are old school and they don’t have well-fitted suits, but it is better if the dads can get a new custom stitched. Either way, it is important to treat your dad the best way possible and take him to the tailor so he can enjoy the VIP treatment before your wedding. On the brighter side, he will love it and it’s a best approach to express your gratitude and love towards him. 


Although we know that the fathers are quite capable of the best dress selection, still we have tried to further break down the steps of selection for you so the theme can be traditional, modern, casual and classic, you can have all the cards up your sleeve. Also, even if your dad doesn’t say it out loud he still wants to look handsome man at your wedding that he is so be prepared to push him to look his best.

Don’t forget to inform us about your views in comments on a Clear Guide for Fathers on What to Wear on Weddings by BespokeDailyShop Blog.

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