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How to Throw a Micro Wedding in 2020 by BespokeDaily Blog

How to Throw a Micro Wedding in 2020

It is not because of the current situation that the couples started focusing on those intimate weddings, perhaps most of them already wanted and wished for those wedding due to their level of comfortability. However, this does not mean that every couple wanted their wedding to be like this, some of them are missing out on the details that they wanted to add on. Because of the restrictions on the guest count, it seems like it would take a while to make things go back to normal and the couples would need to adjust their wedding according to it. 

What Is a Micro Wedding? 

It is the same kind of wedding having all those traditions like the ceremony and the reception but the number of people is small, so small which is like even less than 50 guests. 

How Is It Different From a Minimony?

In this, you only invite your loved ones like your parents and siblings whereas you keep your reception after some time. 

Tips For Throwing a Micro Wedding 

How to Throw a Micro Wedding in 2020 by BespokeDaily Blog

Choose the Right Venue 

When you know that the wedding would be a micro one, you would have more options, which means you could even think out of the box. You can have your wedding at some restaurant, those co-working offices, even the retail stores and it would not be bad. In one way or another, it would be a win-win. The reason for that is because you would be able to host your wedding at a one of a kind venue whereas they would be able to get their additional revenue like this. 

Hire a Videographer 

When you would get your wedding ceremony video-graphed professionally, you would be able to cherish it later, and not only that but the people and friends and relatives who were unable to attend would be able to watch you guys taking your vows and still feel emotional the same way they would have felt during the ceremony. 

Get Creative with Décor 

When the number of people decreases at the wedding, that is the ultimate sign of decor more than ever because you would have extra space to show off like having those floral installations, even the interactive installations, or those pretty and beautiful tablescapes. 

Be Crafty 

You would not be tensed about more people attending your wedding which would mean you would have a bit more time than usual which you could utilise by DIY-ing the elements you want to include on the wedding day. It would be saving you lots of money and by doing this, you would be able to display your personalities and bring them to life. 

Limit Vendors 

As being a micro wedding, there would not be much help needed, a planner would only be needing one helper with a single photographer and some small band. The reason for that is as the number of the guest list would less, you would want to keep your vendors list less as well because if that happens, it would look like production and not a wedding, which you would surely not want it to happen. 

Splurge on Special Treats 

Those less number of people mean more surprises and treats like that luxurious food and beverages, the entertainment element and much more. You would want that the people attending the wedding enjoy as much as they can and celebrate it positively. 

Personalise the Day 

You have a lot of work when planning a larger wedding, but when it comes to these micro-weddings, you can easily display your personalities along with the couple style. You would want to toast with an old fashioned rather than bubbly and even have a pie or ice cream to complete your meal, not that piece of cake. 

Rethink a Wedding Party

Micro wedding naturally means keeping everything short, even including the groomsmen and the bridesmaid. But you would not need a reason to have the important people of your life being called in your wedding, you would naturally call them in. 

Dress Up 

Even though it would be a small scale event, that does not mean you would skip on your attires. It would be much better to wear the suit or tuxedo of your style, and nail the whole day around because it is your big day!

As now you have an idea and might have started to get ready for your small intimate wedding, just know that we always offer those free swatches, the Free home try-on are delivered to the groom, and his squad sometimes so that you can easily rent those suits and tuxedos of your type and get them delivered 14 days before the event! 


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