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Look Perfect in Semi-Formal Wedding Attire

If you want to choose semi-formal wedding attire, don’t worry because we have tips, so you can rock any event.  

The semi-formal attire has the element of flexibility in it. It allows the guest to have versatility in their dress selection. The attire in this category can also look formal, which is also dependent on the time of the day. Therefore, we recommend you to relax in this particular category because you will be blessed with so many options.

The Meaning of Semi-Formal Wedding Attire

Despite the timings of the wedding, you can show your style statement in the semi-formal category. It allows you to go in that zone, so you can pick your favorite style and highlight it at the wedding. These styles are for every guy like groom, groomsmen, best man and fathers.

Look Perfect in Semi-Formal Wedding Attire by BespokeDailyShop

For daytime weddings, the colors are light grey, tan, and blue for suits with bright and colored accessories to make a statement. Also, if you will wear a suit and tie, you already fall in the category of formal wear; however, the floor is all yours to have. For nighttime, darker tones are your buddy with elegant accessories. Yes, if you follow the time themes, then you are halfway through to your suit color and accessories selection.

Look Perfect in Semi-Formal Wedding Attire by BespokeDailyShop

Grooms Wedding Attire in Semi-Formal Category

The options of colors for the groom’s wedding attire in the semi-formal category is never limited. There are plenty of colors to choose from. However, it is to keep in mind that if the suit is colorful, then accessories will be subtle.

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Daytime Attire

For a daytime wedding, you can go with an emerald-colored suit. It can be worn for evening weddings too, but the color is more likely to stand out in the day wedding. You can pair it with gold color accessories and wear brown leather shoes. With a coordinated effort of the image shown below, you will shine at the wedding. 

Evening Attire

For evening outfits, blue is the color, and it can be paired black colored leather shoes and black colored silk pocket square. You can also do a contrasting pair, by choosing a streamlined fly-front shirt and classic ivory bow tie. 

Wedding Parties and Semi-Formal Attire

The choice of a wedding suit color can vary. Some people pick matches their wedding outfit with the wedding theme, and some opt for a classic look.

Daytime Attire

For a daytime wedding, you can go for a light grey color, and through the groomsmen’s tie, the wedding color can be highlighted. Also, you don’t have to do too much matching with the groomsmen. You can skip wearing a belt for this look and can wear suspenders.

Evening Attire

For the evening, you can pick a navy blue color suit. However, it shifts the dynamics towards a formal look, you will look dapper while wearing the same colored vest. Also, to complement this look, you can wear black color shoes and black and white accessories.

Guests Wedding Attire in Semi-Formal Category

Look Perfect in Semi-Formal Wedding Attire by BespokeDailyShop

The guests can always be more creative with the semi-formal theme, and you should have to enjoy the most of this theme. So, firstly, the white color dress shirt can be replaced with a colored one.

Daytime Attire

When it comes to choosing a tan suit at the wedding, don’t worry, not many people will end up wearing it. Also, to make yourself unique, you can pair it with black and white accessories that will give a modern touch. For a little experiment, you can wear a light blue shirt.

Evening Attire

For evening attire, you can choose a medium grey suit. You can add a monochromatic touch to it by wearing pink and burgundy accessories. It is best to add a pattern to your accessories, and with a perfect pair of dance shoes, you are ready to rock your look.

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Perfectly Fitted Suit for Your Wedding

While selecting a semi-formal theme for your wedding and picking a suit is one part of the process. You have to make ensure proper fitting of your suit or tuxedo. Otherwise, the suit selection will be in vain. We are committed to stitching suits and tuxedos with modern fitting, so you achieve that perfect look at your wedding.

We know getting the suit fitting is crucial, so we have tried our best to facilitate our valuable customers by all means. If you have a wedding coming up and you are occupied to get suit tried. Don’t worry, we provide home try-on, so you can get the size and fitting checked at your place.

On the other hand, you can get the size and fitting in person by visiting our store that is located across the country. Also, you can get an online fitting measurement right now by answering simple questions. The goal is to provide you the perfect fit with ease.

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