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The Summer Wedding Dress Code, Decoded

Weddings in any weather always make you conscious of what to wear. When it is about a summer wedding, and you want to look your best you have to consider the fact that it would be too hot. This lets your anxiety may kick in. Don’t need to worry about any of those things because you have your Personal Stylist ready to guide and help you out from this situation. We would like to break it down to you that what you might want to wear, what fabric you should go with, and whether you should wear shorts or no. Along with this, you would have expert advice with reasons why all of this is worth the investment. 

The Linen Suit 

The Summer Wedding Dress Code, Decoded by BespokeDaily Blog

Linen Tuxedo by GentWith

Now you want to stick to the dress code; try to make yourself look cool and classy while pulling off a star of the night look. Well, these are the things you always want to cover while deciding on a suit. A linen suit would fit the best and act as a safe bet if it is a formal wedding in the summer days. As far as there are massive amounts of options of suit styles in linen, this fabric always keeps you cool and does not cling to your body in any case. Just like you want a flawless look in any other suit, it is best to consider it while wearing the linen suite as well. Just make sure to choose a light color that would complement the contrasting tones, for instance, tan color, and you would be set. Even though if you would be soaking deep that hotness of the weather, you would still be the coolest guy for the wedding. 

The Non-Suit, Suit 

You have no idea whether it is a semi-formal or a cocktail attire wedding. You do not need to worry about it because it is easy to work it out. You only need to work on a few tricks to make your classic final product. You would need a lightweight fabric in a different color. Also, your blazer or jacket along with the pants in a similar color can do the magic. There should be relevant to the same color family in different tones. Make sure to match your shirt with one of the two colors, and the shoes could be of any neutral color that would go along with everything. If it is clean and minimal, then the white leather sneakers could also turn out to be great with the suit. 

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The Tropical Shirt 

You can easily look like the life of the wedding party when the dress code is tropical, and you choose a Hawaiian shirt. When you plan to wear this, keep in mind that you would be complimented along the way, especially being a plus 1. All you need to do is keep the rest of the style with neutral pants and your favorite dress shoes. 

The Unexpected Shorts 

You are fortunate enough to be present in this era because there are no strict rules about what you plan to wear to a wedding, specifically about trousers. You can attend the wedding event and dinner rehearsals in casual tropical settings. You should bring yourself at ease about your outfit. It is always about keeping yourself sharp throughout the occasion, whether it is before or after the big day, even if you feel low all of a sudden. A shirt with white buttons on it and shorts always give you those vacation vibes, and that is all you need sometimes. But in the end, those boots complete the look because they are classic. 

Few Styles Tips to Remember 

Blazer Style Tips 

The Summer Wedding Dress Code, Decoded by BespokeDaily Blog

Blazer by GentWith

You always want to look uptight for weddings, and the perfect fits of shoulders of a blazer or jacket matter. So for that, tailoring might be needed. As summer is all about colors, it is good to add some colors to weddings. But make sure you go for the boldest shades of the colors along with those complementary colors to round put your look, and that would make you feel comfortable. 

Shirt Style Tips 

You want to look casual, but not too much that you may want to roll up your sleeves. To find the right length of your shirt, just raise your arm upward. You should notice the visibility of the skin. The bottom of the shirt is not supposed to pass the middle of the zipper. You need to pick either a pattern or go white for the shirts. But for more casual vibes, pick small prints along with huge floral. 

Pant Style Tips 

The Summer Wedding Dress Code, Decoded by BespokeDaily Blog

Pants by BespokeDailyShop

Wedding summers ask you to have good fabric for your pants for you to feel comfortable. Whatever you want to wear, you need to make sure it fits you. You do not need but to avoid to go big size at all. It is good that your pants fir you without a belt, but an accessory may uplift your look. While wearing pants in summer weddings, it is important to have airflow so proper cuff or shorter hem would do the work for air, shoes, and both. 

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Accessory Style Tips 

The accessories are where you can work your way around different textures and experiment with not only the colors but the prints as well. One accessory like the tie in bold would be enough to shine yourself out in the crowd while the suit colors would remain neutral. Just like blues and browns look great together, so do the pinks and greys, all you need to focus on is the complementary colors. 

As much as we have helped you with all these tips, we hope that it would help you to satisfy your needs and looks for summer weddings because our Stylist help is always ready to guide you. 


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