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Suited to You: A Guide to Picking the Right Groomswear by BespokeDaily

Suited to You: A Guide to Picking the Right Groomswear

Even though the wedding is all about what the bride wants but most of the times, she always tends to ask about your opinion in all the matters, whether it be big or small but most specifically about what would you wear on your wedding day. The reason is that she does not want you to screw everything up by that and just nail the look you are going to go for. 

But for this purpose, you would need to know what is your type of styling. Unless or until you have a great sense of clothing related to formal events, you would not know much about it. Although that does not mean something bad, be prepared about it till your significant other asks about it. For this, we have made a guide for you in which you would be picking up the best style for yourself. 

Your Style 

You need to know what kind of a guy are you? Whether you like shorts or t-shirts. Do you want to look the best regardless of what occasion it is, or do you fall in between? By this, you would get an idea that what would you choose to wear. If you prefer comfort over your look, then you would easily go for a suit instead of a tuxedo, whereas if you love to look formal, then you would be ready to wear a tuxedo right away. Moreover, you can add in your style to the traditional wags because that would be the perfect moment to define yourself so go for more designs and looks before choosing one. 

Wedding Style 

Everybody has the imaginations of their wedding day. The discussion with your significant other would be important regarding this matter but if you are shy, you do not need to worry about it at all. Consider the location which is quite significant. Would be somewhere in the city, or back in the village. Because your style would be according to it. The formal the event would be, chicer you would try to look on your wedding day. Not everything, but something for sure. 

Suited to You: A Guide to Picking the Right Groomswear by BespokeDaily Blog

The next step would be the bride’s dress that what kind of dress would she wear like the fabric would be a lot to tell alone, you can tell by the lace as well. Lastly would be the season that would shape your wedding style like there would be much of different colours for different seasons. However, if you choose not to go for the tuxedo but a suit, you would consider the texture that would make a huge difference as well. 

Your significant other would be the one who would help you list down the things where you could get the idea of her dress being either formal or casual. For that, you would go for tuxedos or suits of many varieties of colours. 

Narrowing Down the List

When you get the main idea, you would go for the cuts which are initially about choosing between a tuxedo or a suit. Next step is what colour you would choose in your attire. The highlighted colours are black, blues and greys. Black is the classiest in tuxedos and better than a suit. Blues and greys can work in both, formal and casual looks. Although that midnight blue tuxedo has much style than the black tuxedo. Men tend to wear those navy suits as standard ones, and those iron-grey suits are perfect for fall and spring. 

The Details 

You get to show off your real personality like this. Apart from suit, you can talk about these with your significant others. Choose whether you are going for a two-piece or three-piece suit. With tuxedo, you would either wear a vest or a cummerbund or not, but consider the weather as well. It would be hard to wear it in warmer months. The cummerbunds are better than a vest traditionally. Now comes the part to decide about the tie, long or bowtie. It varies from situation to situation. When you wear bowties, you get to show your studs of shirts whereas you can prefer for long ties as well. Keep the colour palette in mind sticking to it while talking about this with your partner as well. If needed, go for floral or pattern as well. 

Suited to You: A Guide to Picking the Right Groomswear by BespokeDaily Blog

You need to look after the details that would show your true self whereas leaving the rest of them for another occasion. Initially, the cufflinks look great with a suit because they add in some glamour to your super simple look. These could be either simple or even elegant or anything you like as if personalised initials or a message related to the occasion. It could be your comic book favourite character as well.  The tie bard is considered to be the part which could add in fun to your attire, but keep in mind about its width. The boutonnières could be replaced with lapel pins. If you want to look cool, just look got your style and look because it is important not to mess up the vibe. Lastly, you can do anything with pocket squares because they make you look more polished. It is important to mention that do not match up your pocket squares and ties. 

We would be here to help you throughout the way and make sure that you do not think too much. You can think about it months before so you know what you are going to look. We would offer you the best.


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