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The Proper Fitting Guide of Suit Pants

A simple guide to give an idea of how exactly you can have the proper fitting of the suit pants.

Well, to buy the perfect fit pants, you should not rely totally on the measurements. In fact, it is crucial to visually observe the fitting too. For a proper fitting, the experience of wearing the suits can come in handy because it will give you an idea if your pants are actually accomplishing that look or you need further alteration. Even if you have zero experience, you don’t have to fret about it because we will guide through three simple steps for your dress pants measurement. The three major areas for dress pants measurement are the waist, the seat, and the inseam length.

You can simply read our elaborated that can get you started, and you will finish your goal.

All The Best Mens Pants Style for a Smart You by BespokeDailyShop

The Waist fitting of the Suit Pants

For exact waist measurement, the first step is to wear a dress shirt. As you may know that waist of the dress pants is slightly higher, so you have to make sure that the measurement is taken by keeping this into account. Also, make sure that the waist is not tight, so it is putting pressure on your abdomen because it will make you uncomfortable the entire time. 

The Loose Waist

In another scenario, the waist can be loose. For a suit, the dress pants should be of proper fitting, or you will lose its grace. Therefore, make sure the waist should be of an accurate size to avoid any fitting issues. However, if it is slightly loose, then you can wear a belt or suspenders. Also, you cannot wear a suspender, and a belt both together because that will look awkward. For tuxedos pants, you don’t have a belt option, and they have waist adjusters, you can adjust your waist through them. 

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 The Seat Fitting of the Suit Pants

There has to be an optimum balance to get the accurate seat fitting. The fabric should not feel pressured in the areas of thighs, hips, and seat of the suit pants. On the other hand, these area should not look baggy, so the pants will not give that dapper look. To summarize, the suit pant should have enough room for you to execute your favorite dance moves without any risk. You have to be cautious about tight seats of the pants because it can actually tear the pants, and how embarrassing that would be.

Tight Fitting of the Seat

A simple tip is to find out if the seat is too tight for you or not through checking if the pants pockets are bulging outside. Here is a suggestion, if you have slim fit pant and is tight, then you can try classic or regular fit because that could be your size. 

Loose Fitting of the Seat

Well, you don’t want to get lost in your dress pants; therefore, do check if your butt shows up in your pants. If it’s not the case, then you should choose a slim fit instead of a regular or a causal fit.

All The Best Mens Pants Style for a Smart You by BespokeDailyShop

Inseam Fitting and Suit Pants Length

If you buy a pant from outside, then chances are they will be without inseam length, so you will get the length of your dress pants adjusted. When you buy dress pants, if it has two measurements, then the second number is the inseam length. It is basically the length of the inner seam of your dress pants.

Generally, the inseam length represents your style statement, and everyone has different preferences. For a traditional style, you could prefer a big break (the way the fabric of your pants will fall on the top of your shoes). In some cases, the break does look good, but if you want to opt for a modern look, then you should go for a ‘no break’ look. To achieve no break look, your dress pants should touch right above the top of your dress shoes.

All The Best Mens Pants Style for a Smart You by BespokeDailyShop

Short Inseam 

The pant should not be a few inches above the shoe. It is important to note that the cropped length is a different style, and a short inseam pant doesn’t look good. So, if you are facing this issue, the best solution is to get it fixed by the tailor. If you are renting the pants, then you should request them not to do anything permanent with the fabric.

Long Inseam

In case, your pant length is long and extra folds are actually laying down on your shoes, then you should give serious consideration to get your pants fixed. Also, don’t forget that in case of a rented suit, you should get it altered temporarily.

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To Achieve that Perfect Fit

All The Best Mens Pants Style for a Smart You by BespokeDailyShop

You can have the most expensive suit and still won’t look good if the fitting is not apt. Therefore, if you have thought about spending money on your big day, or you want to buy a suit for an event, then you have to get them in proper fitting. You can also look out for our guides on how to get the exact fitting of a jacket or dress by simply clicking here.

You can also get to know your suit size. If you don’t have an idea what your suit size will be, then you will not be able to have the perfect suit.

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