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Choosing a Bridesman’s Outfit

As you live your life, you make friends apart from considering the gender specification element, which means that your best friend could be a boy as well. Gathering the thoughts of your wedding, you would want to have your friends and family by your side providing you with moral support. You would want your male best friend to be there just as much you would want your female friends to be there. Just because he would not be able to wear a dress is not the reason to not include him in your wedding squad. Because as traditions are important, so are the friends of your life for whom there can be alternatives in everything. 

The question which is quite valid is that would he be fine doing those women’s activities as this would depend on you and him. It depends on what are their preferences, and what kind of bond do both of you have. So, for that purpose, we can guide you that what would suit him the most on your wedding day while are your bridesman. 

Picking an Outfit for a Male Bridesmaid 

Choosing a Bridesman’s Outfit by BespokeDailyShop Blog

Do not forget that you have to discuss this with your significant other and the wedding planner so that his outfit could blend within the wedding theme. All you need to do is consider your partner’s looks and continue with that theme for the wedding. The male bridesmaid dress which would make your guest drop their jaws are discussed below. 

A Custom-Made Suit 

To consider, let’s say that you choose a lavender-colored dress for your bridesmaid. As feminine as this color is, this would be hard to find a ready-to-wear suit in this color. For this purpose, you could go for a custom suit jacket and pants. As those are pretty expensive, so you may better go for the menswear bridesmaid dress colors which could be navy or even indigo blue, or they can rent it as well. 

A Perfectly Accessorized Look 

Now your bridesman is supposed to go for color out of the palette, make sure he includes accessories so that he could blend in the party easily. As if your bridesmaids are wearing the pink-colored dresses, your bridesman could wear a white outfit as wearing pinks socks, the pocket square, and even pink suspenders with it. By adding in these details, it would form unity within the squad look. 

Groomsmen Suit, Bridesmaid Details 

There would be a group of groomsmen at your wedding for sure, who have planned out their attires relatable with the bridesmaids which in one way would be able to help your bridesman. He could wear that same outfit with adding in the bridal party details to it like wearing a flower crown just like the rest of the bridesmaids. Or he could wear similar colored shoes like the bridesmaid as, by this, he would look like the part of the squad. 

A Curated Team Look

The last most easy way to wrap things up is ditch those dresses you were about to wear and go get those bridal party dresses tailored in suits and tuxedos as they look the best on everyone. Moreover, it would give your wedding an iconic look as well. 

Accessories for Your Male Bridesmaid 

You would be having a variety of options when you would be looking for accessories with the suit or tuxedo for your bridesmaid male best friend that is described below: 


Choosing a Bridesman’s Outfit by BespokeDailyShop Blog

Those patterned dresses of a bridesmaid are the hint that the bridesman should wear a matching pattern or even a solid colored shirt as it would look fantastic on him. It would be best to go with a solid tie instead of a patterned one as it would match and not overload too much pattern in the attire, or vice versa for the solid ones. 

Pocket Squares 

They pop more personality in the menswear as they help out tying to outfits together with each other. Like if the bridesmaid is wearing mint gowns, then the male counterparts could wear suits jacket as having the similar colored pocket squares on it. 


In this category, you could solids, striped, sometimes skinny, long, or even a classic bowtie as it would match with the whole attire just depending on the color of it. 


Choosing a Bridesman’s Outfit by BespokeDailyShop Blog

Shoes have always been an important element of the attire, and it helps quite a lot while uniting with the party looks as well. Like the socks and ties could be matched with the bridesmaids’ dresses.  

Cufflinks & Tie Bars 

If every bridesmaid is getting some piece of jewelry which she would wear at your wedding, then hand over matching cufflinks to your bridesman. By this, they would feel special and valuable as well as have some memory from your wedding as well. 


These help to level up your looks game. The color theme could be added to them as well for your bridesman. It would always bring unity to the squad. 

How to Choose Complementary Colours 

Make sure everything matches with the wedding color theme, and make sure to add in swatches. By this, there would be surety of what everyone is wearing while being confident about looking great in it. You can even add in different shades of the same color. Like the bridesmaid, eggplant dress could give some room to the bridesman as he could choose the accessories from the purple family. It just depends on how he would try to sway his way in all of this. 

Your Big Day, Your Way 

You are supposed to consider that everyone feels comfortable and happy at your wedding. This is only possible if everyone is looking out for each other and help out each other. We are always ready to help you, and you could guide yourself by availing of our services and looking into our page for more information! 


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