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10 Ways to Customise You’re your Suit Tuxedo by BespokeDailyShop

10 Ways to Customise Your Suit/Tuxedo

With the passage of times, there have been many additions to the wardrobes of grooms. Guys have started to look beyond those black suits and tuxedos. Just like the brides, the grooms put in a lot of effort lately that what should they wear for their wedding day as well. Although the best part is that this is not tough anymore, due to these recent changes in the pst, there has been a vast variety in the suits and tuxedos which has somehow helped a lot of grooms to show their own styles on their main day. 

As in these days, it is quite easy to choose your colour, the texture of your attire and tailor it to your size and look fit in it while standing at the alter and not only feeling comfortable but your best. You can think of these few ideas described as follows. 

Mix & Match Colours

It is pretty essential to stand out of not only the crowd but also the groomsmen squad. So the best way to go forward in that direction is to consider the colour you are considering to go for. If your groomsmen are going for the dark blue suit, then you should stay in that colour but in q different hue and shade which would he lighter blue suit or tuxedo for yourself. 

Be Bold With Your Tie 

You should be considerate about what you plan to wear on your wedding day. With ties, you can easily make the statements which would include the dramatic colours, some off-beat pattern and pretty paisley which would be remarkable for your wedding days. As your groomsmen would also be waiting for the ties, to look the best in them, you may want to switch it up and look the best out of all. 

Get Playful With Accessories 

These accessories are all about the little details added in the attire which would make your suit or tuxedo stand in a different way if those accessories were not included. These could simply be a pair of socks and the colourful pocket squares as they would give in the whimsical look to all of you. 

Add a Vest

10 Ways to Customise Your Suit/Tuxedo by BespokeDailyShop Blog

By adding in a vest to your attire it would make your attire to go from two-piece to three-piece in just a swift change in it. You could get a matching vest with the suit on different sites as they would be having variety in the colours that would complement each other. Hence, go for anything while mixing and matching both of them. 

Choose Your Shirt Style 

As the market is vast in the designs and has diversity in it, the shirts have escalated their varieties since the last decade. You could go for the pleated fronts, some plain front, even the pique bib fronts. The fabric and the texture of it. The collar style along with the cuff styles would define and complete the look of the suit. Not forgetting about the colour at all, the grooms tend to stay a bit traditional while incorporating their personal style, they would most probably go for the white shirts where some who want to go out of the way would match the bridal’s party colour planning. 

Wear a Family Heirloom

The bridal is not the only one entitled to bring the sentimental memento down the aisle because a groom can do that as well. He could go for anything that would honour his own family which could be anything like a piece of jewellery as it would be quite important to the whole family. They could be the groom’s dad or grandfather’s watch or cufflinks as well. 

Go With a Bold a Boutonniere 

The boutonnieres always have the finishing touches to the attire as they are always bright, elegant and beautiful in their own way. It would be a great addition to the groom’s dapper style. 

Try a Lapel Pin

Now if you are not a huge fan of the boutonnieres, you could easily switch to the lapel pins. Those could be pretty simple in the small sizes, there could be a personalised choice as well or even a faux flower. 

Sport Suspenders 

As the groom would be wearing the suit or tuxedo jacket during the ceremony, no one would be able to use those suspenders underneath it. But once he takes off that jacket, everyone would be having a great view of those suspenders with those dance moves at the reception. 

Slip-On the Right Shoes 

10 Ways to Customise Your Suit/Tuxedo by BespokeDailyShop Blog

The most highlighted part of the attire is the shoes always. They surely complete in your wedding look that nothing else would be able to do. If you find some pricey dress shoes that you might not be able to afford, you can go for the rental shoes that you could work out with on your wedding day. 

So if you are super ready to put in your whole wedding day look, consider about all of those details that would include the suit or tuxedo; the ties and all the other accessories to it.


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